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| Monday, July 30, 2012
By Sam Lister

When making a buy for mattresses you have to keep in mind the one who will be sleeping on it and if it is your elderly parents then you should be quite specific about the type of bed mattress you purchase for them. The bed mattresses for your elderly people should be cozy to sleep on as well as provide certain other health benefits since older people tend to be more delicate and need a lot more consideration and also proper care. One great option would be the foam mattresses, which is extremely popular and also have several advantages over other mattresses.

These bed mattresses are especially pleasant to sleep on and in particular improve the overall health of the seniors and also the hospital patients and chronically ill or handicapped people who will suffer from mattress sores if they are made to lie in inflexible positions in way too hard or firm type of mattresses. These types of foam mattresses are promoted in a very huge variety of sizes and come in an array of costs and are very durable and economical.

The foam bed mattresses , that is a blessing for the elderly as well as handicapped people, actually is the by-product from the space technology appeared during the latter half of the Sixties. Foam was initially developed for making soft cushions for seats the high elevation aircraft pilots by the NASA. Very few had the idea then that this would become so very common and also beneficial in the trendy houses in the future. It wasn't till the 1980s that the NASA allowed for this advanced know-how for use for the benefit of more common people rather than for those targeting the heavens quite literally and it was not until the 1990s the polyurethane foam bed mattresses became popular amongst the common people.

The memory foam mattresses may sometimes cost a little above the earlier types and the conventional kinds but that's practically nothing compared to what the customer can gain in high quality, control and health. Memory foam bed mattresses have the twin benefit of staying really supportive of the body and being really flexible simultaneously so they combine soft attributes of a comfortable mattress along with good attributes being strong and supportive of a strong mattress. Polyurethane foam mattresses are available in different models that are softer or firmer in accordance with the different preferences with the customers.

Healthcare workers have recognized foam bed mattresses being good for seniors and the hospital sufferers so you can opt for these while you search for a brand new mattress for the elderly parents. You can also opt for various acupuncture or orthopedics mattresses that are available with different types of therapeutic benefit and therefore are believed to result in favorable health influences on the people. You can look at buying these kind of mattresses based on the health conditions and extra attention required by your folks. Avoid purchasing bed mattresses simply because there are some low cost promotions. You and your parents might regret it.

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