How To Find An Elder Law Attorney

| Thursday, July 19, 2012
By Chloe Gib

Selecting the best elder law attorney in New Jersey can be the greatest gift that you can give someone special. Should that special someone in your life be diagnosed with dementia, it may be overwhelming to see the vast amount of things you can choose from. However, there are counselors who specialize in the field as a New Jersey probate attorney. The counsel can help you with getting through the vast amount of paperwork for everything from making out a will to estate planning to applying for Medicaid and selecting a durable power of attorney.

Personal recommendations are always the best way to locate an elderly professional. You may know someone that has utilized the services of a NJ estate planning expert. If you do know someone who has had contact with someone in this field, inquire with that person as to how the lawyer's personality was and if they provided the services that were requested.

You can also check with an agency called Area Agency on Aging that is located in your area. You most likely have another agency called legal aid where you can get assistance. The last place is the bar association in your area. They can point you in the right direction to a specialist that handles cases such as yours.

As soon as you have a piece of paper with names on it, you should begin the process of looking and talking to lawyers so that you will end up with the right person to do the job in the end.

It is important to find a lawyer that has been in practice in field of elderly regulations. In the end, it is important that you choose the right counsel that has several years of dealing with things in this case such as helping the senior citizen to apply for Medicaid, to see if they qualify for Social Security and how to appoint a power of attorney. These three items are extremely important when it comes to assisting the elderly.

It is important to determine the number of cases the legal counsel has taken that are much like yours and how the cases turned out. You do not want someone that has lost more than they have won.

You will need to schedule a couple of meetings with the potential lawyers. The reason you want to speak with a few lawyers is because you need to know how each one operates and what their fee schedule is. Another reason for this is that you get to compare what each one charges and what they offer for services. You can take the names off your list that you feel were overpriced. You also want to take names off of the ones that you felt were not compassionate enough to the needs of your loved one.

Picking the best qualified elder law attorney in New Jersey may help you control your stress levels knowing that the lawyer you chose will do the best job possible. You can consult the Internet if you need additional resources.

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