Is your stairlift keeping you awake at night? Bleeping Noise

| Saturday, January 21, 2012
By Harry Dyson

Is your Chairlift keeping you awake at night? Stairlifts beeping randomly is a hint your Stairlift is not charging the batteries properly or you have failed to park the Chair lift onto the charging contacts

There may be a number of causes why your Chair-lift keeps bleeping. The charger contact strip could be filthy or out of alignment. The charging plunger mechanism found on the Stairlift might be jammed or dirty

It has been known for seniors to get confused as to where the noise is coming from and on numerous occasions the offending noise has been found to emitting from a close-by smoke detector with flat batteries

Smoke Alarms make a particularly similar noise to the Stair lift warning system to tell you your chair is not on charge so before you call for an engineer make sure the sound isn't coming from a smoke detector who's batteries need replacing

Replacing Stairlift batteries can be a simple task on certain units models! One of the easier models to change exchange batteries is the Acorn Super-glide 120 Step lift and the brooks ultra-slim units

All Chairlifts need a minimum of 2 batteries normally 12v 7Ah series which can often be acquired from reputable battery providers. It is often best to check which batteries are in Situ and make note of any markings ratings the battery has stamped on them

By simply quoting the marks on the first mobility batteries will ensure the battery supplier can send deliver the right batteries for your Stairlift model

If after battery replacement you find your Chair lift is running slow again after a few days reasonable chance you've got a charging problem either related to the Stairlift charger PCB or the Stair lift charger unit

You must contact your local company or supplier and arrange for an engineer to attend and check your Stair lift A.S.A.P.

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