Assisted Living Residents And Their Activities

| Monday, January 2, 2012
By Gerald Halk

Planners must also think about events that cater to the special requirements of senior citizens in assisted living, like physical mobility and sustaining mental sharpness. Many choices for activity planners exist that allow them to create programs advantageous to their clients.


Based on AARP, exercise helps seniors live longer. It also helps preserve cognitive function. A number of resources exist for use in helping assisted living residents to obtain a function out that equals their capability level. For example, using a Nintendo Wii video game entertains while promoting physical activity. The Wii game simulating bowling permits player who can stand to obtain on their feet and swing their arms to throw the electronic bowling ball toward the screen using the pins. For those in a wheel chair, they still may participate by throwing the ball at the pins, exercising their arms and mental concentration skills.

Group exercises for individuals at assisted living are accessible on DVD. Using a big screen tv, these specially created programs cater to those with limited or deteriorating mobility.


Many nearby entertainers provide their services totally free or at a discounted rate to assisted living facilities. Visiting local church websites, for example, 1 may discover a choir that could be willing to volunteer to come and sing for residents.

Occasion planners could ask the assisted living residents if they've any pals or family members who perform that might come and share their talent.


Utilizing games amuses assisted living residents and assists sharpen mental faculties. "Bingo" improves mental concentrate, as players listen for numbers and search their cards for a match. "Name That Tune" workouts memory recall as players strive to keep in mind songs from their past. The "Guess Who" game has players offer a photo of themselves as a baby and other guess which baby photo is of which player. This game enlists concentration skills and promotes conversation for players about their history.


Continuing education for seniors caters to the capabilities and requirements of older people. Most towns have listings of continuing education courses broken down by target student groups. Event planners for an assisted living could contact the town or the instructors to try to arrange for classes to happen on site.

Classes on DVD also make a fine option for educational opportunities for seniors. For example, showing programs on learning a foreign language can meet weekly, permitting participants to practice what they learned every week.

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