Is retirement home non-attention the same thing as elderly mistreatment?

| Thursday, January 19, 2012
By Faisha Dickerson

All these things can be classed as care home neglect and there are a considerable number of factors which can lead to this happening. Here are one or two examples:

Inadequate staffing levels

It is correct that a good majority of nursing houses are understaffed, and as a result the residents may not get the attention that they deserve. Somebody may get forgotten about whilst a member of staff is handling other issues. The staff may simply not need to time provide regular washing and showering and as a result may cut corners.

Badly trained or untrained personnel

It is often the situation that staff don't always receive the training that they should or that the training they do receive is minimal. This can lead to mistreatment of the elderly person simply because the carer in question does not know exactly what to do. It might be that they're not being told the easy way to bathe somebody correctly and as a consequence this can end up in diseases and sores due to bad hygiene.

Raised levels of stress

A gang of Los Angeles personal injury lawyers explain that when nursing homes are so short staffed and under trained, this then piles more force on the staff who work in them. It is really easy for a staff member who is under stress to do their job, to shout and yell at a patient because they're being tough. Sometimes they may even lash out physically. This is in no way condoning the act, but it is simple to grasp why it can occur.

So what should you do if you think nursing home neglect?

The first thing that you must do is to make a call to the closest Dept of Health and Human Services. They have centers all over the country and are designed to deal with this sort of thing. Their first reaction will be to remove the individual from the danger by taking them out of the retirement home. If you haven't got a place where they could stay, then they're going to find somewhere that's safe.

After the patient has been safely removed from harm it is advisable that you should call an experienced Los Angeles injury attorney who has a proven track record in handling such issues. They should have the finance backing to be able to call on a whole array of independent professionals who may help to inspect the case. From their discoveries, your representing attorney can look to dispense blame and from this may build a case against the suspect.

This is an issue that is about to rise unless we have the funding in place to prevent it from happening. If you've been a victim of care home neglect yourself, or you know someone who has, then a skilled Los Angeles personal injury attorney is standing by to help.

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