Hiring Professional Companion Care Long Island For Aging Parent

| Tuesday, June 9, 2015
By Elaine Guthrie

The health and wellness of your senior parent is always at your greatest concern. You want to provide them with the type of tender loving care they provided for you through your childhood. So, you make the decision to hire them companion care Long Island to help with daily activities. The signs have become apparent of the course of the year that they are no longer able to live on their own, and transitioning them into home care offered at home might be the best choice for them now.

The biggest issue many caregivers seem to have problems with is getting their loved one to bathe. Family caregivers find that bathing their loved ones with Alzheimers or dementia can be extremely overwhelming at stressful at times. It is quite common for individuals with cognitive problems to experience periods of forgetting to bathe, as well as lose interest in it all together.

When a loved one is aging or has a disease that causes them problems it is very easy for them to lack in nutrition, medication and getting the proper rest that is needed for them. This is when it becomes imperative to hire someone in that home that can work with them on daily basis. Aide can also recognize problem areas, such as spills, unsecured rugs, and unleveled areas that could cause an accident. Safety is very important and should always be considered when living alone.

Many older individuals were raised to believe that bathing and dressing are very intimate activities. You want to avoid making the person feel embarrassed or degraded during this activity. Always keep them covered with a towel when bathing the senior to show respect.

Home health aides can help seniors with setting their appointments, as well as getting dressed and to them when needed. Aides who accompany their clients to appointments are able to hear first hand from the physician about the seniors condition and type of assistance they need on a continuous basis. The aide can also ask questions of their own to help with the seniors assistance.

You want someone that will be respectful of the seniors home as well as respect the parent. The companion should want what is best for your family member, not just a paycheck. There are many great agencies that are willing to help you find this type of person to work with the family member.

Outside help does not always have to be from an agency. You might know someone that is willing to do the type of work you need. It is perfectly fine to hire this person as long as they are willing to abide by certain rules and respect that your loved one is the boss of their home, they are just there to help assist them and provide companionship.

Home health aides can be hired for companionship, or just to give the senior a peace of mind of being in the home. For seniors having someone to talk to during the day is great for the person to talk to during the day, or confide in is very good for a persons morale. Be sure to do your research before deciding on home aide for your loved one.

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