According To Hemlock Society Euthanasia Is Humane For Humans

| Thursday, June 25, 2015
By Ruthie Calderon

In 1980 an organization promoting the right-to-die for people with a terminal illness was founded. Currently called Compassion And Choices, it does not believe people should suffer. Rather, it promotes the goals of the hemlock society euthanasia being a peaceful death.

It is notable that the pets, our dogs and cats, are not forced to suffer through a lingering illness when there is no hope for recovery. If we can bestow that kindness on the animals we love, the same compassion should be available to human beings. Physician-assisted suicide has been promoted in a number of ways.

While hospice care may be excellent, it does not completely obliterate all the pain. Many physicians have an unspoken and unacknowledged agreement with the family to increase the pain medication to a level that will induce a peaceful ending to the pain. In this way a pointless period of a few days suffering will be allayed.

There are places in which medically assisted death is legalized. In the state of Oregon, for example, it is now legal. Some patients do not choose this method of dying with dignity, however. For religious or other reasons they want it to happen naturally. Of course, the wishes of these patients should always be respected. The patient who is ready to end his pain is also entitled to have his wishes respected.

Denying the peaceful death to terminal patients may drive them to do it themselves. They may cause themselves and their families trauma that will taint the loving memories family members are left with. How terrifying to leap off a bridge or die by gunshot. The patient is so much better off with assistance that will help him drift off and escape the pain.

Sometimes it is sufficient just having the decision up to him. He is in control of his life and how he chooses to end it. Often he does not use that control. Often it is enough to know that it is available if he wants to use it.

Lethal injection is one method of euthanasia used to provide an end to life for patients close to the end or those who suffer chronic pain that is not going to be alleviated. Drugs are administered orally, intravenously or intramuscularly. Some critically ill people are unable to swallow and therefore need the intramuscular or intravenous method. The fastest method is introducing three different medications through an IV.

Those who are being kept alive by means of a breathing tube, a feeding tube or any other artificial means are in no condition to assert their wishes. The legal document known as the living will assigns the right to make life and death decisions for the patient. Usually it will be assigned to a trusted relative.

A senior citizen or anyone else might want this viable document for their peace of mind. In case of an accident to a younger person, they will be sure not to be left alive in a vegetative state. They can legally refuse any lifesaving methods be administered. They can be sure that will not happen.

Palliative care only, is the choice of many people. The living will makes sure that is all that can legally be provided. Even the person named in the living will as administrator cannot override the wishes stated in the document.

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