Senior Living In Colorado Springs

| Thursday, December 12, 2013
By Amy Kersey

Colorado Springs has recently been voted as one of the top 10 cities for retirement. If you're a senior, you ought to check out why. This article will give you some of the reasons. It'll also tell you about some of the senior living options that are available.

America the Beautiful was written during a trip to what city? You guessed it; Colorado Springs. And, as the name suggests, this area is beautiful. It has a view of Pike's Peak, one of the world's most breathtaking mountains. And, those mountains are only minutes away if you wanted to experience them first hand. If the mountains weren't enough, we also have over 200 days per year of seeing the most beautiful blue sky you ever seen.

Although we're a mid-sized city, we have all the things you might need need from a city; shopping, recreation, entertainment and arts. But, if you need a larger city, Denver is less than an hour away. And, there is an outlet mall between the two cities.

Although we have four full seasons, our winters are regarded as mild by most standards. We get our share of snow, but it rarely stays around for more than a few days. It's usually followed by another stretch of blue skies and temperatures that will melt it all away. This mild weather allows for outdoor activities all year long.

We also have all the standard options for senior retirement facilities. We have a great assortment of independent living communities, assisted living facilities, and of course nursing homes or skilled nursing facilities.

If you're still active and mobile and not in need of assistance, you may be in the market for an independent living facility. The centers are ideal for the senior that is on the go and really only desires this for the community and camaraderie.

If you're not quite up for the independent living arrangement, but also not ready for a nursing home, you might want to check out an assisted living facility. If you need someone to assist you with one or more of your activities of daily living, but not quite regular medical help, this might be for you. These provide an on-site caregiver to help you with your needs and arrangement you may need to make life easier.

We also have an array of skilled nursing facilities, also known as nursing homes. These centers have registered nurses on staff 24 hours per day to help their residents with their rehab or other medical needs. These are a big step up from an assisted living facility.

If you do select Colorado Springs as your destination of choice, and are in need of an assisted living facility, I'd like to suggest Constant Care of Colorado Springs. It's a wonderful facility with a caring staff and a family environment. You'll be glad you visited.

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