Recognizing Comprehensive Senior Support Solutions

| Thursday, December 12, 2013
By Jeannie Chapman

As the population born in the post WWII era ages it brings with it the problem of millions of Baby Boomers reaching retirement at the same time. The problems associated with this event can be over whelming for the families who are trying to assist and care for their elders. As a result senior support solutions programs are becoming more available in the commercial market place.

These agencies are created to enable older people to access the care they need. They offer services to families and their aging parents that will improve the level of self sufficiency for the elders. Family members may have taken on the job of caring for their loved ones in addition to their own families. If the parent lives by themselves this can create serious hardship for everyone and eventual burnout for the care givers.

The agency will generally start with comprehensive assessment regarding the subject's lifestyle, needs and abilities. They will then create a case management plan based on the needs of their client. A follow up plan is needed to insure that the actions suggested are in place and are working in the best interests of their client.

The case management plan may include services such as shopping, cooking, bathing and housekeeping. They may also assist their clients by providing access to companionship through other agencies. The case plan usually contains elements that address the client's physical, mental and social needs. They may also include financial aides such as budgets for low income clients, banking services, and bill paying assistance.

If the need arises for placement in a rehabilitation facility or some higher level of care is needed the agency can assist in finding the best facility to meet your needs. Falls are very common and many cause broken bones that need therapy after the bone heals. Physical or occupational therapy can many times be given in the home and your case manager can help to arrange it.

Case workers are trained to assist their clients with final arrangement plans such as advance directives and do not resuscitate paper work. Company policies generally forbid workers from becoming executors of any of these documents but the agencies can assist families with liquidation of assets and final arrangements for deceased parents. The agency should be affiliated with an attorney that will assist with probate if needed.

Most agencies will supply the family with the written case plan and allow them to administer it themselves. They will do follow up visits with the user and continue to access their needs and recommend any changes that may be in order. In effect they become the eyes and ears of family members who cannot be with their parent at all times.

Caring for an aging parent or loved one can be exhausting. When you allow others to assist with the load it becomes less of a chore and more of a family tradition. Using senior support solutions to supply plans and services will help your loved one retain the dignity and self respect they have earned and deserve to keep.

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