A Geriatric Care Manager Completes A Broad Range Of Duties

| Tuesday, December 10, 2013
By Jeannie Chapman

The phrase geriatric care manager is a term that covers a vast array of duties completed by those who are employed in the field of geriatrics. Also called GCMs, such workers assist older individuals to meet their daily long-term care needs. They also assist the patients loved ones to cope with the issues involved in caring for an elderly family member or parent.

Those who work in the field mentioned above are typically familiar with specific disciplines such as health and human services, and provide assistance to family members who must care for aging loved ones. Many such individuals become certified through the NAPGCM, an organization that specializes in the training of those who work in this field. Such workers sometimes offer geriatric counseling and senior advocacy services as well. They also frequently intervene in times of crisis, isolating issues and offering solutions.

Most GCMs hold a bachelor's degree in nursing; however, certain individuals in this field may have a doctorate in gerontology. They usually have training and education in one or more fields regarding health care. For instance, they may have trained as a nurse, gerontologist, social worker, or geriatric psychologist.

There are currently no national or state licensing requirements necessary in order for one to seek employment as a manager in this field. However, most employers prefer that one have the aforementioned certification. Such requirements may vary greatly from one employer to the next.

Courses of this type usually cover a broad range of subjects for those who wish to pursue such work. These include elderly care management, balanced aging, general nursing, psychology, and financial issues. Classes are available at traditional bricks and mortar colleges or universities, or one can participate in such training online. The alternative chosen will mainly depend on the prospective student's budget and personal preferences.

Various establishments offer work to GCMs. These include government agencies, long-term care facilities, assisted living establishments, insurance companies, and home health agencies. The kind of facility one chooses to seek employment at will depend on the required qualifications and the individual's personal preferences. A person can also work as an independent contractor, but launching one's own business in the healthcare field can be a daunting endeavor. Therefore, each individual should consider all his or her options in advance.

Those who wish to seek employment in this field must give thought to several aspects. These include wages, workload, and employment qualifications. Completing adequate research before enrolling at a University or online school is also imperative. Those who plan to pursue their training online should choose only an accredited school. Otherwise, their education may be viewed as worthless in the eyes of prospective employers. Therefore, it does little or no good to obtain a degree or certificate from a school that is not accredited.

Ultimately, many job opportunities exist for anyone who wants to start a career as a geriatric care manager. The need for such services is increasing all the time due to the fact that the average lifespan is currently longer than ever before. Those who select employment of this type can look forward to good wages and steady work.

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