There Was A Moment When I Realized That I Had To Find The Best Assisted Living AZ

| Friday, May 10, 2013
By Lonie P. Murray

I have to admit that I had always had a somewhat negative view of assisted living, thinking it was just something for people who were essentially just vegetables, unable to take care of themselves at all, but as my Dad has gotten older and lost the ability to do some of the things he once did, I changed my mind about it and found the best assisted living AZ had to offer. Of course, the changes in my Dad happened very slowly, and it started with some stiffness in his joints, but it got to the point where he was having a hard time getting up and down stairs and he was not able to do all of the things that he had once loved doing.

There was one incident that really caused me to face the fact that my father's health was failing, and that was when he took a fall and broke his hip, but thankfully his recovery was fast and didn't lead to a lot of other complications. Although his bones healed without any problems, we were all worried that this incident was just the first of many to come, and that the next accident could be much worse, so we decided to start looking into the options for assisted living AZ had to offer.

I volunteered to take on the task of finding a place for my Dad, since he completely hates computers, and all of my siblings had a lot of other things on their plates at that time. It is lucky that we live in Arizona, because it is a great retirement place, and I was able to find a lot of different retirement communities very close by, which meant that Dad would still be able to live close to his family and friends.

I found some communities that looked like they would be fantastic, so I called around and set up couple appointments so that I could take my Dad to look at them. While we drove around and looked at the different communities, there was one community that really stood out to us, and the senior care consultants that we met there were very personable and had a lot of experience helping people like my Dad.

It was an easy choice and we got started on all the paperwork that would get my father into a new home and also got started on moving his belongings and selling the old house that he had lived in for so long. Now, my dad is both happy and safe, and he has thanked me several times for helping him to find a place where he had kind and thoughtful people there to help him feel confident and strong like he used to.

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