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| Friday, May 24, 2013
By Jennie Sandoval

Winter months can be extremely difficult on aging adults. Temperatures below freezing an contribute to several different types of illnesses and in some cases even death. The main conditions that elderly people develop during these cold months are common colds, hypothermia and the flu. Seniors can be provided with the resources they need to get through these months through elder care New York health agencies. Many people find as they get older that they need the assistance of outside help to get through winter months.

Note taking should be done when caring for the elderly. Caregivers need to acquire a lists that will keep them up to date on the things that their patient has and do not have to stay safe during the cold months. Items included on the lists should be blankets, bed linen, gloves, hats, layered clothing and a coat. These items are often needed when going to doctors appointments or just having to venture out during the day.

The proper shoes are also very important for seniors to have. Elderly individuals need good socks and shoes with grips to keep them from slipping and falling in bad weather. Seniors without the proper footwear can easily slip and fall in weather condition such as ice and snow. Having the proper footwear can keep older people from having terrible accidents.

It is important to keep the sidewalks and driveways for the seniors during the winter months. Clear the sidewalks or driveway for the elderly. Make sure enough sand or salt is put down. Make a list of the days that the person will have to go out again so you can be of assistance.

Health aides need the temperature of their home checked on the regular. The best room temperature for older seniors is 72 degrees and sometimes even a bit warmer. Seniors need their heating systems checked and inspected for the cold months. Caregivers can make sure this is done and their patients home is ready for the winter.

Home health agencies also send out people who can perform several other household chores. Many aides can run errands such as picking up medication from a pharmacy for clients. They are also allowed to handle many other task in the home as long as it is approved by the agency.

Patients who need to be reminded to take their medication also benefit from having caregivers. Caregivers from the agency are usually not allowed to administer medication but they can remind their patients to take their medicine. It is very important for seniors to take their medication on time.

Seniors who need help getting to their doctors appointments can ask their aide to accompany them. If it has been approved by the agency the aide can take the client to their appointment and listen in on what the doctor has to say. The elder care New York caregiver can then make sure the patient is following any restrictions a doctor has placed on the patient.

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