Senior Care Fairfax Has Several Providers That Can Meet Your Needs

| Thursday, April 26, 2012
By Jillian Roth

It is not unusual following an accident or a period of illness for an elderly person to need some form of support. This type of home support enables you to recover your health and fitness in the comfort and familiar surroundings of your own home. Your individual needs can be met by one of the many providers of senior care Fairfax has to offer.

The level of types of support required will be reflected in the costs. Medical insurance may cover only some or all of the costs, but you may have to use one of their recommended providers. Costs not covered by the insurance will have to be covered in some other way.

You can expect to have an initial consultation meeting with a service employee. You should not be charged for the consultation which should be designed to explore your needs. As the outcome of this consultation you should receive a written copy of a customized support plan to be agreed and signed off by both parties.

The services provided tend to fall into three fairly distinct categories. The first is personal care, which provides help with activities such as dressing, bathing, general hygiene and mobility. The second category relates mainly to tasks around the home such as cooking and cleaning. Finally, the third category relates to companionship and social tasks.

As a persons health changes the needs for certain types of support may decline or increase. Their support plan and their changing needs must be under constant review for optimum results. Support costs are likely to change to reflect the services provided.

First port of call when looking for a provider of Senior Care Fairfax area, are the medical professionals and social work services. The industry is regulated and service providers must be registered and accredited according to legislation. That does mean that you can be confident that staff and qualified and fully trained.

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