Funding mobility aids for pensioners in the United Kingdom

| Sunday, April 8, 2012
By Jason Jones

Britons have been told to put aside money to pay for their old age, something that will help pay for mobility aids. Mark Elliott, Bupa Care Homes director, explained it is critical for people to save money to pay for future wishes. He announced such funds can be used for care and "to be well placed to live better", which may include making an investment in items like stairlifts and mobility scooters that can offer larger autonomy.

Mr Elliott's remarks come after a study by Bupa Health Heart beat found that 30 percent of Brits surveyed announced that they suspect they're going to have to save for care when they get older, the highest proportion of individuals in the 12 nations polled. He explained that folks are going to be living longer and should consider what it implies for them in order to plan for the future, adding: "The NHS is not the first supplier for social care and thus there's a need to have a look at alternative options." The use of mobility aids by older folk could help to forestall them feeling cut off over the festive period.

Pals of the Aged has called on folks to go to their ageing relatives and neighbours over Xmas to guarantee they aren't forsaken. Manager of the organisation Richard Furze stated it is more crucial to perform such visits in cold weather "because it is less sure that [older people] are going to go outside because they're terrified of falling [and] they aren't going to go out in the dark". Mobility scooters and other aids can help older people to recover some of their autonomy and get out of the house during winter, potentially lowering the risk of isolation, which can make a contribution towards poor health.

Figures released by Friends of the Old indicate as much as 500,000 older people are probably going to spend Christmas 2011 alone, as the busy lives of younger generations places them in danger of solitude. Age UK is a charity that specifically helps the growing elderley population in the United Kindom.

Some pensiors may require to use a mobility aid like a walking stick as they get older due to age or disease. The NHS provides people in England with the basic equipment required however some people prefer to invest in purchasing their own mobility equipment to help them carry out the tasks they used to find very easy to do in their youth.

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