A Review Of Assisted Living Long Island Services

| Friday, April 27, 2012
By Jillian Roth

Senior citizens today can pick from a variety of living situations. For assisted living Long Island facilities are among the best in the nation. These residences offer seniors the opportunity to remain independence and comfortable without the burden of physically demanding duties. The senior can get help with laundry, housekeeping or meal preparation. The facilities are constructed in such a way as to provide a comfortable and homelike residential space, but with monitoring for health and physical safety by professional staff.

Seniors want to retain their independence and dignity for as long as possible. The couples or individuals who decide to make the move to a residence do so because it is a homelike environment. Skilled nursing homes and care facilities do not have the same type of atmosphere. Those who live in this type of residence gain individualized care without intrusiveness. Socialization is encouraged.

Caring professional staff members are experienced in providing the right level of service for each resident. The staff members are friendly, yet competent and caring. They are not intrusive. Social activities are offered for residents to choose from. These events may be at the facility or may involve traveling to nearby points of interest.

The residential facilities are varied, so that seniors may choose studios, one bedroom or two bedroom quarters. There are modern, low-maintenance and well-designed quarters. Because the facility provides maintenance, housekeeping and laundry services, residents can spend their time enjoying life rather than cleaning and scrubbing rooms.

Facilities often include communal dining facilities with nutritional and tasty meals regardless of special dietary needs. Safety is another feature that is required of these facilities. Hallways are spacious and suitable for wheelchairs, walkers or those who simply need a handrail for support. Fire alarms, sprinkler systems and other features that are required by federal state and local statutes are in place.

For the best options in Assisted living Long Island seniors can pick from a number of facilities. The physical arrangement is modern and attractive. The residents are treated with friendliness, courtesy and professional expertise.

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