A Complete Review Of Disability Seating Devices

| Monday, November 7, 2011
By Beth Wardley

Most disabled people normally require help from other people in order to lead a normal life. This help is offered by friends, family, loved ones and also sometimes by professionals. However, people are cannot be relied on at all times. They have other commitments that might force them to be away at times. So it is important for every disabled person to have an alternative source of help. That is why disability seating devices are very important and useful gadgets for disabled people.

Some of the most difficult duties that disabled people have to perform everyday include bathing and visiting the restroom. This is because they have frail bodies which prevent them from comfortably working their way around the bathroom. In addition to this, bathroom floors are normally slippery and the surfaces hard, and this can lead to injuries in case they slip and fall.

Toilets and bathroom duties are a private thing that everyone desires to perform alone. So most disabled people do not like the idea of being accompanied by someone every time they go for a long or short call. Fortunately, manufacturers have come up with useful items for the elderly and disabled people. These items enable this group of people to go on with their lives without requiring any assistance at all. Though classified as medical equipment, these items are designed to look less clinical and do not require permanent installation. One good example of such equipment is the commode seat.

A commode seat is a device that is used to assist disabled people in maintaining an upright seated posture. It is considered to be a clinical device but lacks the complex design and importability that is common in other clinical devices. It is mostly used as a toilet seat, but there are other types that are used for other different purposes. One common type is called the 3 in 1 commode seat. It is a type of commode seat that can be used in three different areas in the house. These areas include the bathroom, shower and bedroom.

Another type is the sitz bath basin commode seat. It is has edges that are specifically designed to ensure that one is comfortable when using it. It can also be turned on and off via a valve that is connected to the tubing.

These seats are normally wider than normal. Some are supported on steel frames which can be adjusted depending on the size of the user. Adjustable arms and a removable back come as a bonus and are used to offer more support.

Finally, they are rust proof and water proof. This helps them survive the conditions they are used in, so as to last longer. It is advisable to get such a device for your disabled family member so as to help him become more independent.

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