Elderly Drivers - How To Be More Aware On The Highways

| Sunday, November 27, 2011
By Carroll Mcintosh

There are strict laws in place on the UK's roads, particularly for drivers that are over the age of 70. Some drivers over the age of 70 may find themselves without a licence if they do not meet these very harsh requirements. This is the point where you can seek the advice of motoring offence solicitors. They could help you have your driving privileges reinstated if you are absolutely certain they have been wrongly taken from you.

We can now examine particular problems that older drivers face, that may end up leading to them seeking help from motoring offences solicitors.

Eyesight Your vision is something that needs to be taken care of throughout life, but even more so after the age of 60. Regular eyechecks can help identify potential problems and diseases such as glaucoma. You could also help vision by ensuring your car's window screen is always clear and doesn't have any obstructions. A great tip when driving at night is to briefly look down and to the left of the road if you are dazzled by headlights.

Hearing If your hearing has deteriorated with age, there are certain things you can do to be more aware. A huge tip here is to teach yourself to make very regular mirror checks so you can be alerted as soon as possible to hazards, like the emergency services.

Fitness Good physical fitness is important at any age, but it can particularly help older drivers. It is definitely worth speaking to a physician about fitness programmes that help keep muscle tone in check, helping drivers.

There are also things that older drivers can do to help keep reaction times at a peak level.

First thing, stay with routes that you know well and familiar roads. Be mindful to avoid these routes in rush hour though - a hectic time for any driver! Plan your route ahead and try to pick quieter roads, it might take longer, but it's safer overall. Busy right turns in town centres are notoriously difficult, so try and plan your route to include right turns that are assisted by traffic lights.

Other road users can help of course. Impatient drivers can make dangerous moves on the road, so being a patient driver at any age is an asset!

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