Variety Of Tasks Of Nurses In An Institution

| Saturday, June 4, 2011
By Glenna D. Sanders

In the noble profession of health care, the nurse, who assists the doctor in helping the patient regain his health again, is considered a sort of demigod. They hold a pride of place in the sense of being more accessible and thus more helpful.

The nurses are the perfect all-rounder. They are in the dressing room and they are in the help the doctor with the analysis. They have to know the status of each and every patient who is under the doctor's care. This necessitates the need for constant monitoring the patient's symptoms and the progress that they make.

A special segment of the nurses are registered to take care of the administration and the related departments. These may include social welfare, cultural activities and welfare schemes. Mainly they help maintain coordination between the separate sections.

The nurse is one of the most overlooked people in the society. They are taken for granted and their role is often underplayed. They are a number which comes up only when one is sick or indisposed. It is good to see a society where the nurse and their role in educating the society and helping the people with the hygiene and awareness.

The nurses are the epitome of perfection though to the patient they are often a non-entity. The apathy is a measure of the importance of nurses in an inverted sense. The sicker a patient is the more apathetic he or she is to the nurse. However the nurse is carrying o her duty without paying any heed to the conduct of the patient. This resilient character of the nurse is the hallmark which segregates the ordinary from the special.

While the doctor makes his rounds and checks into the progress of the patients, the nurse is the one who maintains a vigil at the patient's side, keeping the doctor informed about the progress or deterioration of the disease.

It is essential for one to have a registered nurse degree to undertake the job. Also qualities like good hand writing and pleasant manners also help.

Many of the nurses who apply for this are found to have a pleasing attitude and overall pleasing disposition. The Degree in registered nurses is obtainable at many institutions.

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