Caregiving: The Rewards and Downsides

| Sunday, June 12, 2011
By Eileen Serapio

The caregiving industry boomed as the need of people to spend more time at work increased and the capability to take care of aging parents started to bend on the unviable side. The necessity to work and earn money during these hard times greatly influenced the percentage of children not having the time and the energy to take care of their seniors. Thus, more and more families nowadays rely on caregivers to take care of and accompany their elderly loved ones.

Caregivers assist those who have trouble caring for themselves, usually the elderly , in doing personal tasks like taking a bath, keeping the house clean and orderly and sometimes running errands like shopping or going to the grocery. Caregivers also provide medical assistance like making sure that medicines are taken on time or monitoring the vital signs of those patients that have special medical conditions. Assistance in checking appointments with the doctor or other matters important to the patient are also provided since the family members or relatives of the latter are usually living if not on a different house, in a considerable distance.

There are a number of issues households may will want to look into whenever choosing a health worker. The very first thing they may give thought to if they should rely on someone else right from an agency, a caregiving organization or hire merely another family member. The living arrangement of the client is additionally another point to consider. Is the older folk likely to stay in a assisted living residence or in the coziness of the affected individuals residence? Finances for the pay or pay for the caregiving assistance is additionally a big matter. Although almost all caregivers are skilled and certified to apply their line of work, registered nurses are likewise preferred to deliver care and support. The typical by the hour amount ranges from $ 8 to $12 yet the more knowledge a sitter has, the bigger the income becomes.

Caregiving also has its pros and cons. While family members continue their everyday lives, whether it is at work or in taking care of their own families or children, they are rest assured that their elderly parents' needs are also provided for. Another advantage is that people who have medical conditions that require constant monitoring like cancer are provided with professional care. We know that it is going to be more beneficial for the patient to be cared for by someone who knows what he or she is doing.

On the other hand, employing a carer is also not too very easy. Most people who are in the latter years of their life are viewed a lot more sensitive that is certainly precisely why health care providers must have significant abilities in coping. Finding the perfect person who will provide home care is a lot like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Despite the fact that nearly all care providers are extremely professional and reputable, there could just be not many who will be outstanding with what they do. Their capacity to go through nerve-racking conditions in addition to their trustworthiness during the entire span of their contracts are necessary to make certain that patients will go through adequate service.

The caregiving trend is continuously increasing as time goes by. It has opened doors not only for those people who need the service but also for those who wanted to have careers in making other people's lives easier. Yet one must remember though that it is not all right to just depend on caregivers for support. Constant communication and frequent visits to our elderly family members will actually help them enjoy their retirement years.

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