Brighten Things Up With Retirement Jokes

| Monday, June 6, 2011
By Owen Jones

Most people approach retirement with a gloomy face. They accept retirement as if it is giving into the hands of fate and the decay of the body. So, it is very important to help the retiree realize that retirement is something to be accepted as it is an inevitable stage in life. But how can you do that? Its not so difficult: just poke fun at retirement. Retirement jokes, like the ones made in speeches are popular. However, speeches tend make people emotional to the point where everyone in the room is in a state of gloomy inevitability and sympathy. But one can raise the level of the atmosphere with retirement jokes (without insulting the retiree, of course).

Examples: In addition to speaking about the wonderful times the speaker has shared with the retiree, he/she can add something that will lighten up the mood. One could give a headstone slab, with the inscription In Advance on it. If you're a friend, you could also make a joke by calling the retiree granddad or grandfather whenever the retiree speaks to you, as in "OK, granddad". This can also help lighten the atmosphere. But dont go over the top, of course.

Another joke that might help is a wig in strong colour like pink, green or purple. A follow up item to that joke could be that he might require a wig in the very near future. If he refuses it, say: Okay, then wear a paper bag instead when you do go bald. Always be prepared for when a joke falls flat. So keep those backup jokes ready! Believe it or not, some agencies write and sell personalized retirement speeches with witty jokes built in after knowing the personality and interests of the retiree. These companies usually add jokes about the retirees profession. If one cannot find enough retirement jokes, a visit to a bookstore could help a great deal.

There are joke books that cover a vast range of topics, only one of which is retirement. A little search on this or that will help inspire the reader if he/she isnt a natural comedian. These may also be good retirement gifts as well, helping the retiree have a good laugh on one of those boring Monday afternoons. There are also a lot of websites on the net that provide a lot of jokes and free retirement e-books. The e-books that are available range from the 150 Best Things Said about Retirement to Retirement Wisdoms You Wont Get from your Trust Managerr.

Conclusion: You have a lot of leeway when telling jokes at a retirement party. If you know someone who is coming near to retirement, you can first send an email or two which has retirement quotations like retirement is when everyday is Saturday and retirement: goodbye tension, hello pension!. It is a good gesture and creates the impression that you understand what the future retiree is going through.

Again, keep the retiree (future or not) relaxed as much as you can. Make him/her think about retirement with a smile and not with a sigh as much as you can. And when the retirement party does come, adopt the same light-hearted approach, inserting jokes here and there and doing some gags like the ones said above. Not only will the retiree be less wary about retirement, he/she will focus more on the people who made him happy on that bitter-sweet day, especially the one who gave him that weird pink wig.

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