Role Of Hospitals In The Healthcare

| Friday, September 7, 2018
By Sandra Perry

Hospitals play a great role in healthcare. There may be small and large hospitals in a place. Generally, the cost of maintenance of large hospitals is more. Therefore inquiry charge would be more in these hospitals. People with limited income usually go to small hospitals for inquiry as consulting charge will be less. Home care consulting provides both full time and part time services.

The government has to encourage private investment in healthcare. There are much regulations and costs involved in investing in this sector. That is why new investments are less in this sector. Governments have to take steps to reduce these regulations and also offer tax discounts for businesses investing in this sector.

It is very difficult to handle those people who are not well. They would always require the assistance of someone else. Family members will also find it hard to look after those people. The working member may not be able to go for work as the ill person has to be looked after. Also, allowance provided by a government may not be satisfactory for looking after old age people.

Most people only when they reach middle age would think of health. People in their youth would not worry to eat healthy food and also do not worry to do any exercise to make their body fit and healthy. Also, smoking and drinking liquor will be a part of a lifestyle. When these people reach around fifty years, all sorts of health issues start to emerge.

As per rule, students passing out from government medical colleges have to serve their initial two or three years in health centers in remote villages. As basic amenities are less in these places, most doctors prefer not going to this place. At a time of admission, these people shall commit to working in those places but later ignores their promises.

Many corporate firms have teams called social responsibility teams. These teams collate money from different units of a firm and then spend on for some social cause. The fund may be used to purchase food and amenities for poor people, books and related things for students and also for cleaning up some areas. Firms encourage employees to come out on off days and help in cleaning activities.

Some people would not have time to look after elders. Both members would be working professionals. So these individuals may take their parents to old age institutes. These units take custody of old people. But a certain amount has to be paid for monthly expenses of person. There are some people who do not keep this commitment. Later these units have to take legal assistance.

Some firms pay less for their employees. This is to create more profits. There can be workers who are paid less for years. But these people stick to a firm as there would not be much job opportunities available anywhere. The attitude of workers may change when salaries are not increased to a decent level.

The government has to take strict action against these fake doctors. Actually, there is much shortage of qualified doctors. But in some areas, there is a number of doctors per people. This shows that most of the doctors in that area might be fake. These people might have a good influence with higher officials in local government, that is why no action is been taken against them.

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