Making The Transition From Home Care To A Long Term Assisted Living Tucson AZ Location

| Thursday, September 6, 2018
By Jose Parker

Making the decision to put a family senior loved one in a facility is often difficult. Most people want to keep their family members at home where they can provide and take care of them. However, sometimes elderly individuals prefer to remain on their own with just a little long term assisted living Tucson AZ facility care.

Know the signs of physical abuse. Some signs of physical abuse are visible while others can be determined by touching the individual or just observing how they use their limbs. Physical signs include broken or dislocated bones. In some cases, you might notice round marks that look like teeth imprints or bite marks, torn skin or dark marks on them. Grab marks on the upper arm, black eyes or marks on the face can be an indication of the senior being slapped. Some seniors might also be denied medical care. It is important to be vigilant about the care of the elderly.

Making the decision to move a parent into a facility is a big step. It is important to understand you are not alone when making this move. The process might be a bit nerve-wracking at first, but following a few easy steps can help with the proper assistance and questions; it is possible to get through the process smoothly.

Another clear indication someone might be being abused is they are kept in isolation from their loved ones. During isolation, the person is usually being demeaned, terrorized, intimated, and often yelled at and told something bad will happen to them. Most seniors who go through this are left feeling hopeless and feeling as they have nowhere else to go.

These health professionals will provide the safety, quality and the loving care which you desire for the senior. Caring for an adult senior on your own can become a bit of a challenge for many individuals. Most people find that they need a little bit of help and depending upon their elderly family member's diagnosis more extensive care might be needed.

When helping your family member move, be sure to allow them to take items with them that are near and dear to them. Some items such as photo albums and old mementos are important to seniors. Not to mention they enjoy bragging about and showing their family members off to others. The facility will usually give new residents a list of items which they are allowed to bring with them.

Talk to other individuals who have put their family member in a facility. Ask for their recommendations when it comes to a place to put your family member. Most people who have had to go through the process, have helpful tips and information on how to make the move a smooth transition. Most people know how important it is to protect the elderly from abuse and will do all they can to help.

However, do call to check in with your loved one. Just because you should not overly visit during the first month, does not mean you should not call. However, your family senior might be too busy making new friends and engaging in activities. They will most likely be too tired to know you have not visited as much in the beginning.

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