Senior Home Security Tips Patchogue, NY

| Thursday, April 7, 2016
By Harold Anderson

Home modification is necessary, particularly for the seniors who choose to live in their homes as opposed to moving to assisted living facilities or nursing homes. It is natural for limitations to come along as we continue to age, and for this reason, senior home security and modification becomes a very necessary aspect, with the target of making it safe and able to meet the needs of the aging parents.

Normally, the seniors are a common target for criminals for a number of reasons. In their homes, they tend to be isolated and many times do not communicate regularly with the outside world. Their vulnerability is also as a result of a decline in cognitive as well as physical function. Lastly, the older people are not likely to install the state of the art security systems making them an easy target.

The statistics show that 90% of the elderlies will opt to stay in their homes. They are used to the environment and love the company of friends and relatives. Of these, 85% percent actually stays in their homes. Sadly, though, less than 10% of the houses in which they stay are fitted with the equipment necessary to accommodate and secure them. This can be attributed to lack of awareness. With proper equipment and features in place, it is easy to prevent up to 70% of the accidents that are associated with old age.

There are also the needs of emotional care which include companionship and conversations are best achieved by engaging in community and social events as well as having friends and close relatives. The health care needs must not be forgotten at any stage. These include honoring appointments with physicians, physical therapy and a proper medication management.

There are numerous needs, but these can be summarized into specific categories like personal care, health care needs, security needs, social and emotional needs and the house care needs. The house care needs include anything from laundry, cooking, shopping and the general house chores. The personal needs to evaluate include eating, bathing, toileting and dressing among others.

The gates should always be locked when alone in the house and keep the keys safely. As much as possible, have someone trusted checking the house regularly when away. It is also advisable to always have a wireless phone close by all the time in case you will need to dial 911 for an emergency.

The greatest risk that the seniors face is the risk of falling. It is a very common accident given the body's inability to react to certain movements and the decrease in physical strength. This is an accident that can be greatly reduced; all that is needed is to introduce supporting bars along the corridors and in the room. In addition to this, the slippery floor and surfaces should be replaced.

You will need the help from Patchogue, NY experts who will survey the house and the compound and recommend all the installations and the adjustments that are required. This if followed with a precise budget that can accommodate all the new installations. It is advisable to start these adjustments early enough so that you live a happier life. The adjustments can be carried out in stages from the moment you get to your retirement home and progress slowly as you age.

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