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| Saturday, April 2, 2016
By Scott Cooper

Mentally disabled people are those whose minds are abnormal making them different from normal people. These people do weird things that make them not fit to be called normal. Neglect is part of the things these people go through since they are not recognized by the society; hence, they ought to be taken to group homes for developmentally disabled adults.

Family members of mentally challenged people go through hard times since the care they require is intense. Monitoring them so that they cannot injure themselves and anyone else is hectic to the family members hence causing emotional distress. This stress leads to cases of depression which kills one faster than any other deadly disease.

Challenges that the mentally disabled people face are numerous to mention but a few includes; poverty, poor hygiene and disease attack that leads to poor health and job discrimination. These challenges if not well looked into they follow them up to their graves. Life is not as smooth as people think and to these people who live with the mental disabilities hence they try to survive through tooth and nail.

Looking deeper into the problems they face starting with poverty, we find very few mentally disabled people doing jobs that can earn them a living hence poverty strikes them. When poverty knocks at the door we find them moving here and there begging for food and money. Others do eat from the dustbins where normal people do throw away food remains and so on.

Those people that provide employment the so-called employers have a way of hiring employees; they choose those who are of sound mind since they require minimal supervision. For the mentally challenged they are not given a chance to work since they are believed to bring more shortcomings in the business. High supervision is required when working to this people and the environment is not fit since they can be a security threat to other employees.

Building homes for the mentally challenged adults is good since they are put away from the street where they experience a lot of challenges. More care and attention is required to be given to this people. Basic necessities like food, water, and shelter are also required by these people in order to survive in this cruel world.

Skills which aids in survival are some of the few things that they do learn when put together in one home. They learn to sew different items and to make tables, chairs and so on which earns them a living. When these products are sold these homes do get monetary aid which helps to cater different needs and to pay the employees.

There is need for helping the less fortunate in the society to earn a blessing from the Almighty God. Loving the people in need should be a priority not an option for our reward is great in heaven. These people are able to acquire life skills which they turn to be productive in the society.

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