Assisted Living Tips: How To Stay As Healthy As Possible

| Tuesday, March 8, 2016
By Rue Nichols

Obviously for those in assisted living in Vista or assisted living in San Diego, you reside there because you need a bit of help with daily chores, and that is one of the perks of assisted living. However, most assisted living homes offer an assortment of healthy amenities and taking advantage of these amenities can keep your body, mind and spirit as healthy as possible. Here are just a few ways you can keep fit in assisted living.

When you look around at the various homes for assisted living in Vista or San Diego County, you will notice that most of them have an area set aside for exercise. In some cases, physical therapy sessions can take place here, or you can simply go in at your leisure and use any exercise equipment that is provided. Typically, the equipment in these exercise rooms is designed specifically for those who might have some trouble walking or with mobility in general. If the facility has a swimming pool, be sure to take advantage of this amenity, as swimming can be a fantastic, low-impact form of exercise.

There also might be fitness classes to suit many different levels of ability. For some residents, dance classes or yoga or tai chi might be a great option. For those who cannot walk, there are often classes designed specifically for these individuals. Many facilities for assisted living in Vista and San Diego also have daily walking clubs, and getting outside in the sunshine is always a good idea for both the body and the spirit. When you participate in classes or a walking club, it's also a good way to meet people, which can be a bit of a daunting tasks during your first weeks as a new resident.

Of course, it isn't just physical exercise that keeps the body and mind fit. Mental exercise is also extremely important, and facilities for assisted living in San Diego typically offer many different activities that will keep the brain active and busy. This includes setting aside times for poker and card games, trivia events, board games and other similar activities. Some communities have chess clubs, Bunco groups, Scrabble tournaments and so on. There are also often book clubs, drama clubs and singing clubs to consider joining.

While Scrabble, chess, puzzles, card games, book clubs and the like can help keep the mind sharp, this isn't the only benefit you'll gain from these activities. Social isolation is a huge problem among older Americans, particularly for those who live alone and have few opportunities to leave the house and socialize with others. At a home for assisted living in Vista or elsewhere, there are plenty of other residents and plenty of easy ways to meet new people.

Lastly, it can be difficult to shop for food and cook healthy meals when you live alone, particularly if you lack transportation. At assisted living in San Diego County, three meals per day and snacks are included in the monthly costs. The menus can be quite varied with multiple entre options at each meal and with special theme meals planned during any given month. Eating should be one of life's pleasures, and it's easy to eat plenty of good, healthy cuisine at a community for assisted living.

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