Aging In Place Is Great For Many People

| Thursday, March 24, 2016
By Susan Bailey

It is very difficult to grow old within the American society since many people do not respect their elders. This is one reason why the citizens of Patchogue, NY try to become informed about aging in place. This unique program keeps every older individual within their household which is great for the economy in so many ways. It also helps out the health system which sometimes has to care for older people.

There is one older lady within this area who has enjoyed the program very much. She is now a bright ninety year old who is currently living within her own house even though she sometimes suffers from heart problems. Years ago her children wanted to place her within a nursing home because they were afraid that she would not be okay on her own.

Her youngest daughter does not have the ability to make sounds or listen to any type of conversation which is going on. She is quite mute and only lives to please her dear sweet mother during all hours. Everyone living around the neighborhood knows that she is called Cathy. Cathy can easily take care of all household chores with little or no assistance from anyone.

Cathy never went to any public schools while growing up since her mother kept her close to home. She was fortunate enough to have a great parent who would always be there in her time of need. The two women did many social events together and they were well respected within their church community.

Everyone around the area knew all about the old and wise Sarah Henson who had always been an independent person. Sarah and Cathy were very blessed to have such a nice large house which was located in a lavish environment. Every law person on the block had always loved and respected Sarah. These fearless men also came to her rescue when a group of bad young men tried to steal her belongings during the night.

The unruly young men were taken away to the local police station and they were severely punished for their bad deeds. After all of this excitement had happened the two women looked forward to having their Christmas meals delivered to them by a special services program. The individuals working for this particular place were always looking out for the seniors within this area.

At other times a young group of children will take the time to visit this couple and do many activities with them. The children are in their early teens and they know how important it is to help older people who are in need. Fortunately some of these youthful people are singers and dancers who can keep Cathy and Sarah entertained for quite a few hours throughout the day.

She would always blush when each and every one of the young people would refer to her as Ms. Sarah. This made her very proud and she knew that they would always come around to visit with her and Cathy. Sarah was like a dear grandmother to these youthful teenagers who could light up any room. Other people living upon this planet should always try to help out with a program similar to this one.

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