By Offering Assisted Living Port Richey Facilities Help People Live Meaningful Lives

| Saturday, January 16, 2016
By Sarah Scott

Every year, numerous people become disabled in one form or another. Accidents, old age or illness can render people unable to do everything they used to do for themselves. Most of these people need some form of help, but not full time nursing. They may need help with driving, for instance, or physical therapy but they remain in charge of their own lives and they are still competent individuals. By agreeing to some form of assisted living Port Richey patients can continue living satisfying lives.

There is a general misconception that all facilities that care for their inmates re nursing homes where the patients need full time care. This is not the case. The facilities for those that require only occasional help are managed totally different. Their residents are mostly able to manage their own lives and only need help in certain areas. They make their own decisions and they take responsibility for their own lives.

Families faced with a loved one that need help with certain tasks often undertake to perform such help themselves, often in the home of the assisting family. This may be due to financial considerations or because they feel it to be their duty. This is often not the best solution because the person needing assistance can quickly become a drain on the time and energy of the family assisting him.

Experts agree that the best solution is when the needy person can receive care and assistance at home. In most cases it is not necessary to hire a full time care giver. There are many reputable agencies that can provide care givers trained and experienced to provide the specific type of assistance required by the patient. This option may be less costly than placing the patient in a facility.

Many families become aware that a lived one is struggling to cope with some ordinary day to day tasks. When they then arrange for formal care they often choose the wrong type of facility. The best course of action is to have the individual concerned assessed by a professional in order to determine the type of care that will be necessary.

A formal assessment will go a long way in helping families to make sure that their loved ones receive the care and assistance that they really need. Many facilities and care givers specialize in specific types of care, such as personal hygiene, physical therapy, medication and general assistance. Most patients do not want help in areas where they do not need it because their independence remains important to them.

If placement in a formal facility seems to be the only option, great care should be taken to prepare the patient for the move. Many facilities offer different levels of care and it may be best to choose one of those. If the level of care required by the patient changes he needs not be disrupted once again by being moved to a different facility.

People that need assistance to cope from day to day often feel helpless and frustrated. It is important to make sure that they know that they are still loved, respected and cherished as part of the family. It is equally important to acknowledge the fact that they are still able to make their own decisions and to act responsibly.

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