Basics Relating To Senior Living West Pasco County Residents Should Know

| Tuesday, January 5, 2016
By Harold Stevens

Taking care of a senior relative is in most cases a daunting task. There is often a need to make adjustments in our daily routines so as to meet many of these needs. Such sacrifices may come with dire social or economic consequences. Enrolling such seniors to homes is at times the best option for both the senior and the caretaker. There are different lifestyle options for senior living West Pasco County residents can consider if they plan to use such services.

One of the types of senior living is what is known as independent living. Under this arrangement, healthy and active seniors live on their own but in the setting of a community. Residences typically include, ordinary homes, condos, townhouses or even mobile homes. There are a number of amenities that are shared that include gyms, clubhouses, housekeeping and security among others. Many of them also provide group meals, laundry services and transportation.

Assisted living is best for persons that can perform most tasks themselves and only require limited assistance. The homes in this setting also exist in a community setting. Some of the activities that may require assistance include the preparation of meals, personal movement, laundry services, and physical exercise among others. The resident is left on their own most of the time and only call for help when they need it. One community comprises 25 to 120 units.

Congregational living is another option that one may consider. Under this kind of arrangement, various supportive services are offered with the exception of those that are medical related. The exact package that is offered varies from one center to another and is also determined by the amount of money one is willing to pay. Residents should be at least 55 years (65 years in some centers). They must be capable of carrying out tasks relating to their personal hygiene, toilet use and mobility.

There are many other forms that exist. Some, like Alzheimer and memory loss homes and the Veteran homes are for specific conditions. The Continuing Care Retirement Community (or CCRC) is one that combines several times. It is the most expensive of all the types. Apart from the normal support services, the residents have access to a nursing home and also benefit from a large variety of educational and social amenities.

When looking for a home, there are a number of things to consider. The home should ideally be located at a good distance from where the rest of the family lives. This will make it possible for the relatives to visit occasionally. The chosen location should be secure with an environmental that is free from loud noises or odor. If possible, you can assesses the rest of the residents and determine whether or not you or your relative will get along with them.

Physical activity is important and should be prioritized. If the chosen center does not have a comprehensive program on physical exercising, then you need to develop one. Senior should be encouraged to take part in activities such as jogging, cycling, walking and swimming. Such activities will help reduce the progression of conditions such as arthritis, hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and dementia among others.

There are many homes that are available for seniors. The choice depends on a factors that include the services offered and the costs involved. Making the decision to move into these homes is often an emotional one but one that is necessary in many cases. There is need to consider all the benefits and disadvantages before this decision is arrived at.

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