Transportation For Assisted Living East Haven CT Seniors

| Friday, August 28, 2015
By Daphne Bowen

Seniors enjoy getting out and traveling around town, and even going on trips. They like to handle their day to day business when leaving out from their assisted living East Haven CT residence, and not have to worry others with taking them around. They also like to take trips when the adequate transportation is available to them. There are many companies and organizations that have band together to make this happen for them.

One way community church organizations have found to help with transportation is by purchasing a minibus for people to share. These church leaders have found this to be a great investment. The helping hand leaders either can employ a person to drive, or they can get volunteers. However, the ultimate goal is to get people in the community out to their doctors appointments, church, shopping, local events, and other appointments of great concern.

There are many ways to purchase or finance the right type of traveling van. Some people might want to purchase with traditional financing or lease with the option to buy. Leasing could very well be the best option as there are different programs which may mesh perfectly with the companys goals.

Many facilities that plan to use their van long term and plan to service it, should consider the leasing option. They could then have someone do all the servicing and maintenance for them. However, many senior homes often receive good deals on merchandise anyway.

It is also important that the buses are vehicles are customized for seniors by offering flexibility in amenities over factory built models. With a limited amount of space available to work with efficiency is important. Seniors who will be traveling a long distance will need a kitchen and bath facilities all these can be designed around how you will use them. However, if the vehicle will only be used locally there is no need for these type luxuries, therefore the cost of the vehicle will be cut significantly; this is good news for most senior homes.

Other benefits of having community transportation would be to give the people a recreational outing from time to time. For instance, during the holidays people may want to get together and travel out of town to a play, or church activities. People also enjoy getting together during the warmer months for a church picnic, a day at the beach, or just other fun activities.

Many community leaders also have found that it is important to have a couple of people in charge of the transportation department. These people will oversee the care of the vehicles, as well as knowing the schedules of when the vehicles will be occupied. A person responsible for the transportation will implement a schedule to take individuals to their appointments.

The transportation will be readily and available to them. It is important to get a number count of how far you will be traveling on a day to day basis. You should also know how many people that will utilize the transportation on a daily basis. These numbers will help determine whether or not you will need a full size van, mini-van, or a bus. Most assisted living locations prefer either the mini-vans or the small bus type vehicles.

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