Elder Care East Haven CT Services Have Benefits

| Friday, August 28, 2015
By Daphne Bowen

Along with the positive statistic of a longer life expectancy comes the negative side of the need for specialized care. Elder care East Haven CT services are going to be in increasing demand in the years to come, especially with the baby boom generation entering retirement. The population is expected to shift to 23 percent elderly by 2050 from the current level of 13 percent.

It is incumbent upon us all to address the issue of senior care given the advancing age of the baby boom generation. Home services are increasingly the answer as the elderly prefer to stay at home for the most part. The twilight years should be comfortable, which is not always the case in nursing facilities where older adults feel displaced by unfamiliar surroundings and strange faces. Having assistance in one's residence is the ideal solution.

But caring for seniors at home poses many singular challenges. Sometimes they simply need the services of a nursing home with medical staff. Plus, care in the home is prohibitively expensive in some areas as there is not enough supply of personnel to meet demand.

Caregivers are often family members if cost is an issue (and home services can be prohibitive), but they have other priorities and often find the responsibility for a senior to be daunting. Stress can tear a family apart. It is often better to hire an outsider who soon becomes part of the family. They can work full or part time to take the load off the household and a well-trained individual is worth their weight in gold.

Home services are the obvious answer, whether it be basic skills or more advanced nursing care. People are increasingly going to have to add to their retirement budget to cope with the cost. It is well worth the financial commitment, however, as a full-time professional caregiver is equipped emotionally to handle the job and juggle time as needed. A family caregiver cannot devote himself or herself completely to a daunting job. They may have other personal priorities. A trained caregiver is a godsend in such a situation.

The caregiver is thus a godsend to most households, no matter what the cost. Having specialized skills provided relieves the family from work they are not trained to do nor want to. They simply cannot juggle the time nor do they have the inclination or energy. It is a matter of priorities and it is a difficult choice to make.

Turning to the professionals is thus the best of all worlds. One of the often overlooked factors is socialization. Interacting with the senior lifts depression and anxiety and provides opportunity for frequent communication. Seniors feel less lonely with the social encounter. It is all about emotional well-being to combat isolation, one of the great problems of old age.

Caregivers in effect allow family members to maintain their lifestyle in spite of the addition of an elderly adult. As such, the aging one can be better integrated into the household with little fuss if they are relocating from their own home. It is really first and foremost about quality of life, and a committed caregiver will provide the maximum degree possible. The person may also help with household duties and take a lot of burden off the family in their time of need. They make life better and simpler overall. Whether you need full or part time help, it will be the answer to the problem of senior care.

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