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| Thursday, July 16, 2015
By Phyllis Schroeder

Family caregivers worry about their loved ones when they are not around. They worry whether or not they are receiving the best care possible, or whether they are being mistreated. With the help of companion care Nassau NY family members do not have to worry about whether or not their seniors are in the best of hands. However, regardless of who is caring for your parents it is important to know the signs of elderly abuse.

Know the signs of physical abuse. Some signs of physical abuse are bruises on the elderly person. The person might also have bones broken, black eyes and in some cases marks that are bite marks. Talk to your loved one when you see these marks to find out exactly what is going on. In some cases the parent might not want to discuss it with you, especially if someone close in the family is causing the abuse.

However, highly trained professionals know exactly what their patients are going through. They have worked with many other people with similar situations. They know they it most cases the individual need encouraging words, a little assistance and just someone to talk to.

It might be necessary to take the person to the side when you are visiting and ask them how is the caregiver treating them? It is important to be able to recognize depression in the elderly such as mood changes, sadness, crying and just changes in behavior. Other recognizes changes might poor eating, not wanting to get out of bed or bathe, irritability, not sleeping well and decreased in wanting to talk with others.

Seniors who are being verbally abused often show a change in their behavior. You may notice the individual withdrawn, arguing with individuals they normally get along with, you might even notice the senior is now mumbling and talking to themselves. Many times the older individual is helpless to what the caregiver is doing. They might feel as if they have no choice but to live with the likes of the individual caring for them.

A great way to monitor your loved one when you are not around is to use a nanny camera. It is very legal to put these types of cameras in the home, especially if the home is yours, or if you have permission of the senior to put it in their home. You can then see how your loved one is being treated on a day-to-day basis.

Tell the person to leave the premises immediately, and then call the proper authorities to let them know what you have witness or suspect. Even if you have a long road to prove the abuse, you will feel better knowing that your family member is no longer being cared for the person. No one deserves to live in an abusive environment.

Family is all that any person have, if they cannot depend on you to get them out of a bad situation then they are at the mercy of their abuser. Take time to talk to your loved one when they are being cared for by another person. Most importantly get to know the person or people who are providing assistance for the parent. They should know that you are an active participant in the persons life and they you will be constantly checking in on them.

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