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| Wednesday, July 15, 2015
By Phyllis Schroeder

There are many things that can be done to help keep aging adults healthy and living well. The healthier an aging adult is the most likely they are to live a long life. It is important to most aging adults to continue to live their life as they have always. Many want to stay active with their friends and often this is where senior home care Suffolk aides can come in. With the help of these professionals they are able to carry on as usual even after the diagnosis of certain illnesses.

The assistance of help can come in the form of help from a health caring agency. The assistance can be short term or long term. Health care aides can be hired to work with a loved one for a long as the family, or senior need them. It is important that families hire these skilled workers to be a part of their assistance giving team when caring for an aging parent or one who is ill.

Some items to include should be water, at least a gallon per person, food (non-perishable items), radio, first aid kit and flashlight. It is also a great idea to include a whistle for the senior. They can blow into it to signal for help, or a bullhorn that can be used to alert people to their area.

Although the help is arranged for the patient on a short term or long term basis it is also based upon the severity of the persons condition. Home helping aides usually rotate their shift so they will not become exhausted and have personal time for themselves. Despite the changes that people with cognitive decline going through home health aides are there to encourage continuous participation in their daily routine.

Give the individuals the network your contact information, so they can alert you with any concerns or updates on your loved one. Leave a key with a close neighbor, so they can check in on your older parent if possible. Practice a communication system on how to contact one another during an emergency. It is best not to always count on telephones.

Older adults can engage in line dancing, folk dance and many others. Dancing is great to keep to get the heart pumping and blood moving throughout the body. Not to mention a lot of socializing and meeting different people. It is a great way for a senior to spend their evenings instead of alone at home.

The companion can make sure that the elderly arrives to their activities daily, they can even sit with the person or they can leave and run errands for them. Having someone there opens up many different opportunities for the aging person. The elderly person can enjoy daily living like they have never before.

Talk with a home care agency about providing your loved one with the help that they need to live on their own, or make it during a crisis. It is good to have someone who can check on the adult when you are not around. The person can be your eyes and ears and alert you to other medical emergencies that might be going on with the individual.

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