Some Of The Perks Associated With Assisted Living

| Wednesday, October 29, 2014
By Rue Nichols

An assisted living community is hard to imagine for the many of us these days. In their own home, a lot of people enjoy their independence there. One should consider though that there are some definite benefits to life in an assisted living facility before dismissing this option out of hand.

Do not misunderstand the meaning of assisted living home because it is not an old age home. They are comprised of independent adults who simply chose assisted living while the residents are certainly older adults because it helped them manage some basic care needs. Those who need round-the-clock nursing care has no spot in this but it is a good option for seniors that are having a bit more trouble maintaining their private home and also having some difficulty managing daily personal tasks and chores.

At a San Diego assisted living facility, the residents have far fewer worries than you have living in your private home. There is no yard to upkeep, no home repairs to make and no extra chores to handle. Housekeeping is provided and weekly laundry services also are part of the monthly fees. In addition, while assisted living apartments do have kitchenettes or small kitchens, all three daily meals are provided for you as well as snacks. At some facilities room service is even available for an extra fee.

In your Carlsbad assisted living community, there will different exercise classes that will be accompanied with it and also a swimming pool and a gym for you to enjoy and those amenities also are usually included in the rates. They would even invite guest speakers or entertainers to come for special events aside from offering many other amenities and clubs, most assisted living centers have that as an addition. Transportation usually is provided to all at some level and many facilities offer a salon on site or salon services, though this might be an extra cost.

It all might seem too expensive to afford, but the rates typically include all of your utilities aside from your telephone costs. In your private home, you might still be making mortgage payments, but even if you aren't, there are still utilities to pay, home repair costs, food costs and the costs of owning a car and maintaining it. It might end up that the difference between your monthly expenses between living in your private residence or opting for assisted are negligible.

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