The Right Eldercare Option & How To Find It

| Saturday, September 20, 2014
By Rue Nichols

When your parent needs extra help and perhaps more help than you can manage comfortably, it might be time to have a discussion about eldercare. If your parent is open to the idea, the next step is to start thinking about eldercare options and which one best meets the needs of your loved one.

Among many of the people, caregivers that are in-home are ideal and are a great help. This is the caregiver that will go to your home daily and helps your parents with dressing and grooming tasks, helps them in eating properly, does some of the house cleaning and sometimes the laundry, or also with the household errands.

All of these tasks also can be part of the monthly rates at an assisted living facility, which caters to seniors who need some help with daily tasks, but generally are fairly independent. While it can be expensive, some advantages of a high quality assisted living include a wide range of activities and more social interactions as well as round-the-clock security and emergency services.

For those with more serious medical conditions or perhaps dementia, more care will be needed. Dementia, such as Alzheimer's disease, presents many challenges for caregivers and it is often best to consider a memory care facility once your parent has advanced-stage dementia. For parents who need a great deal of medical assistance, you can consider either hiring an in-home nurse or perhaps think about residence in a nursing home.

Nursing homes or skilled nursing facilities have poor reputations because people think of these as depressing places, but you can also find one nursing home facilities where life can be experienced happily for your parent. The big advantage of a nursing home facility is the 24-hour availability of medical care given. It has to be noted that in an assisted living facility or in a board and care home, there is no medical care extended aside from the help with medication management. If you see that your parents already need effective nursing care, the in-house nurse caregiver or the nursing homes are the better options.

There are care options that can be considered if your parents are already seriously ill, especially if the condition is terminal. Hospice care is an excellent option, and can be helpful for the whole family. Some nursing homes offer hospice care and there are facilities set up just for hospice care. The care provided in hospice care facilities is more than the physical, and this is the difference between this and a regular nursing home. Support in the emotional needs of the elders as well as the family is extended by the hospice care facility workers. Controlling the pain felt and also counseling and help in the spiritual needs of the elders and also the family are the focus aimed in the hospice care facility.

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