Reputable Atlanta Hospice Care Provides In Home Care Options

| Monday, September 22, 2014
By Rae Patricio

A hospice is concerned with making sure patients' needs are met on a daily basis, in a setting that is most preferred by them. The patients of Hospice Care Atlanta GA can be looked after at special inpatient units, hospitals, nursing homes, or at assisted living facilities, depending on where they are the most comfortable; this can also include in their own homes.

The families and physicians of patients who are terminally ill work together with a reputable hospice service so that they are able to be cared for in comfort while preserving their dignity. Unlike standard medical institutions, the special service allows patients to be cared for at home as an option, if this is best for their needs.

The service partners with hospitals and nursing homes, as well as insurance companies and community organizations, in order to help alleviate any concerns the patients may have regarding their incurable illness and the fears, discomfort, and high costs often associated with it.

The in home option is ideal for patients who need continual attention, and involves hospice personnel working short shifts so that the patient can be looked after at home. When a patient needs more than this for their own safety, they can then be transferred to a local hospital or medical center for a period of time, and return home once their condition has stabilized.

The service of care for terminally ill patients in Atlanta accepts private insurance, Medicare and Medicaid. This means that eligible patients and their families are not required to pay for the service out of their own pockets, so there is no added financial stress on top of what is already a stressful time.

The professional staff are concerned with ensuring that each patient has their daily needs met, in the most comfortable way possible. They can do this by looking after them in home, and by providing them with everything they may need, including medications, both prescription and over-the-counter, medical equipment, and other supplies.

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