Decorating Tips For An Assisted Living Apartment

| Saturday, August 30, 2014
By Rue Nichols

One of the most challenging aspects of moving into an assisted living community is downsizing your home and transforming your new apartment into a comfortable, inviting space that truly feels like home. If you are making this big move, here are a few suggestions that can help create a pleasing dcor in your new apartment.

In general, these assisted living apartments are quite small and they range from 300-square-foot studio apartment to a two-bedroom apartment of about 1,000 square feet. What this means is your furniture and other stuff might not fit in the new place but you might be able to fit in your couch and the bed and some nightstands. Other stuff that might fit in would be a small table and chairs but you might also be able to fit in a desk and chair. Still have enough furniture even though you are trying to keep it to a minimum to have more space because you might want to have some comfortable places to relax and space to have guests and some relatives to come around for a while.

When you first toured the facility, you probably initially were shown a model apartment. While these are nice and well-decorated, they probably don't reflect your personality, so to make the space truly look like you, consider upgrading with fresh paint. Usually you will be permitted to paint the walls of the apartment and if you wish to do so, choose bright cheerful colors and decorate walls with artwork and family photos.

It's also a good idea if you can use furniture that also provides you with additional storage space. For instance, there are ottomans and coffee tables that can hold various household items. A bed with storage drawers built into it is another good idea or perhaps you have enough room under the bed to place plastic tubs that can store clothing, shoes or other items. You also can install helpful organizational aids in drawers and cupboards to maximize the efficiency of your storage.

For those who have problems moving their stuff around and most people in assisted living places also have then it would be prudent to live by the rule of having less is more. Moving around the room with too much clutter can be bad. Having too much furniture can make it hard to look for a thing you really need and that is totally true no matter the age or housing situation they are in. It will be easier if life is simpler.

For other options for mobility or vision issues then you should get some clocks that have bigger numbers, get phones that have bigger numbers and also computer keyboards with bigger letters and numbers. Get a chair that can lift and angle you up to make it easier for you to get up and sit down and for easy mornings, get beds which could lift and tilt. Making your mobility much simpler and easier can be done with many helpful things assisting you.

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