Assisted Living: How To Evaluate These Facilities

| Saturday, August 23, 2014
By Rue Nichols

If you are considering the option of assisted living, either for yourself or for a loved one, you might be wondering what to look for when you visit these facilities. Here are a few tips that will make it easier to select a facility that not only meets your physical needs, but also is somewhere you will enjoy living.

Generally, the first step is to schedule an appointment for a tour, and as you take the tour take a careful look at all of the areas that you are shown. The entrance and main rooms probably will be in good shape, and this is designed to make a good first impression. The rest of the facility also should be nicely decorated and in good shape. Everything needs to look and smell clean and hallways should be wide and well-lit. Take a look at all of the common areas, such as the fitness facility, the outside areas, the living rooms and the dining hall. All of these areas should have pleasing dcor and a high level of cleanliness.

See how the staff in the facility interacts with the residents and each other. Having a good sign is when you observe that they are having good rapport with the residents and they are friendly. A good atmosphere among residents is also one you have to take note. If they seem happy or eager, this may be a good sign. If residents are enjoying the facilities, this can also be a good sign. Residents should have a good interaction with staff members like those in the front desk and also to the housekeepers and staff in the dining room, and this you have to take note.

You will be taken to a tour of the model rooms and also shown the floor plans, and this is often what the staff will show you. Make an actual visit of the room you will be renting though before you sign any contract. The actual location and condition should be seen and you need to check this. You need to be happy and contented with the apartment you will live and you have to think that you are paying big for this.

Be sure to get a list of all of the amenities that are included in the monthly fees, as well as a list of optional amenities and how much each of these cost. Your monthly fee probably will include your room rate and amenities such as weekly housekeeping, daily trash removal, laundry services, three full meals per day and possibly additional snacks and beverages, exercise classes or a fitness center, medication management and special events and activities.

A single tour to this place may not be enough for you to decide whether to take this place for you or your loved one, or may be a parent of yours. To have a good decision whether to have this or not probably is to have few more visits or have a meal in the dining room. This will make you check on the food offered or talk to residents and have their comments.

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