Recognizing When Seniors Might Need Eldercare

| Thursday, July 31, 2014
By Rue Nichols

While many Americans tend to remain independent throughout their adult life, sometimes adults reach a point where they do need some level of help. For a spouse or loved one, it can sometimes be difficult to tell if help is needed. Here are a few signs to look for that might indicate that you need to provide some type of eldercare for your loved one.

Some indications that the elders need some help especially in handling different tasks may be seen and these are some mental changes seen in the person. Often, a person begins to forget to take medication on schedule or takes medicines in the wrong combination. If someone frequently misses doctor appointments or other scheduled appointments, it could indicate they need extra help. Perhaps your loved one tends to get lost easily while out driving or walking. They might forget to shut the door, leave food in the oven and stove and forget that it is on or perhaps become confused about family members that have passed away. These can be signs of memory issues, and the first step is to schedule a doctor's visit to ensure that your loved one is healthy, but if needed, there are assisted living facilities and board and care homes that specialize in providing services for residents in need of memory care.

Physical changes may also be seen, and these are also troubling signs to witness, but many of these needs can be addressed with eldercare. Perhaps your relative or spouse has trouble with vision or mobility or perhaps they simply seem to spend most of the day sitting and not taking an interest in their favorite activities. Your loved one might have trouble with dressing, bathing and grooming and these are all signs that they might need some extra help.

Helping them make some adjustments can also be done in some cases and this can reduce stress sometimes. Daily medications can be placed in pill boxes and this is organizing things, and this can help your elders sometimes. Buying shoes with no laces or just slip-ons can be the wise idea or clothing that are easy to put on or take off are good options. The hallways and walkways can also be cleared of any obstruction or safety bars installed in the bathrooms, and these are good ideas. Automatic beds can be placed in the bedroom, and there are special bathtubs that you can walk into and this can be installed in the home.

There are also different forms of medical alert systems we can purchase for the elders left in the home. These alert systems provide monitoring the whole day and provide checks for fire or smoke or carbon monoxide and even for medical emergencies. Your elders will just wear these water-proof pendants or bracelets and if they fall or need emergency help, they can just push a button on these and the monitoring company will send in help immediately.

However, sometimes it can be a great idea to look into suitable eldercare options. For instance, a San Diego assisted living home could provide the care your parent or spouse needs. There are also San Diego board and care homes to consider, as well as skilled nursing facilities. If you are searching for eldercare in Orange County, such as assisted living in Dana Point, assisted living in Orange or any other local city, contact Care Placement. They help match seniors to pre-screened board and care facilities, assisted living facilities and board and care homes, as well as helping find in-home care if you prefer that option.

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