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| Monday, July 28, 2014
By Imelda Reid

I the past patients that were hospitalized often spent weeks in the hospital, recuperating or awaiting treatment. This is no longer the case. Hospitals and clinics are under immense pressure. They do not have enough resources, beds or staff. That is why patients are often required to recuperate at their own houses. In other cases people do not need hospital treatment, but they still need assistance and help. When appointing a home health aide Placerville CA agencies can help.

Hospitals are most certainly not the best place to recuperate. They are not quiet and there is activity day and night, inevitably disturbing the patients. It is also a fact that the danger of contracting an infection of some sort whilst in hospital is very real. It is therefore better for the patient to go back to his own house for rest and recuperation as soon as it is feasible.

When someone at home requires care and assistance, it is necessary to carefully evaluate the level of care that will be needed. In some cases it is simply a matter of helping the patient to move around and to make sure that he takes his medication. In such cases the assistance can be provided by loved ones. However, it is vital to make sure that it is practical.

Patients that need constant care or that needs special assistance that require experience and training should rather be left in the care of a professional caregiver. These professionals are trained to look after people that cannot do everything for themselves. Families that decide to take on such responsibilities themselves may be setting themselves up for undue pressure and stress. In some cases this may lead to resentment and conflict.

Many patients need long term or even permanent care. When this is the case it may be best to consider the appointment of a live in assistant. Many elderly people, for example, are still active and alert but cannot perform all the day to day tasks any longer. A caregiver can help such people live a dignified live and they can even make sure that the patient does not feel isolated.

Some people do not like the idea of allowing a stranger to live in their homes. The facts of the matter are, however, that the best interests of the patient should be paramount. Families often do not have the time or experience to look after an infirm loved one. This may lead to neglect of the patient and the family members may experience conflict and undue pressure.

Care should be taken when interviewing potential caregivers. In most cases it is recommended to try and find somebody that is of the same gender and age as the patient and it is even better if they share the same interests and hobbies. Many caregivers advertise their services online but it may be best to rather approach an agency for advice.

There are many advantages in hiring the services of a caregiver. Those in need of assistance are happier in their own homes. Institutions and hospitals cannot provide the level of care that can be provided by somebody with a sole patient to look after. Many caregivers are able to become an integral part of the lives of their charges.

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