Finding A Senior Shopping Service Syracuse NY

| Monday, April 21, 2014
By Essie Osborn

When people age one of the first things that seems to falter is their mobility. Whether this happens because of physical frailty or because resources become less available is not important. The important issue is that without having transportation or the ability to purchase needed items available the seniors health and well being may suffer. Providing a senior shopping service Syracuse NY is a much needed and valuable resource.

You can access this service using several different resources in the city. The qualifications for participation are relatively simple in most cases. You will have to show that you are over the age minimum of sixty or are mobility impaired. There may be intake forms involved and you will absolutely will have to call in advance for assistance.

There are apartment houses dedicated to seniors that provide transportation to and from stores on a weekly basis. When residents need to shop they sign up in advance for transportation by a company bus. They are taken to grocery stores and malls dependent on their immediate needs. There may be separate days for these trips because of a time factor. Residents depend on these trips to the shops and stores as a social event as well as a necessity.

Neighborhood or community centers often provide their members with services that either transport them or find someone who will do the purchasing for them from lists. Sometimes membership is required but most will assist any person who lives nearby regardless of membership. Their goal is to help their neighbors thrive in the community and they are willing to go the extra mile to assist them.

Private companies and some private individuals are also available to provide these services. They are able to pick up the list of needed items from the client and bring them along with the change from the purchase back to their client. These companies and individuals charge a fee for their services but the fee may be taken care of by insurance or Medicaid if the client qualifies.

The county has programs that provide volunteer personnel who will grocery shop for older or disabled citizens. These volunteers participate in programs providing companionship as well as transportation and personal services. The county may also provide other helpful services for seniors such as hot meal delivery.

Regional transit systems also provide transportation for seniors and their aids at a discounted rate. Most have smaller buses with lifts for wheel chairs that arrive at the residence, transport the client and return in a couple of hours to transport them home. Services such as this help seniors maintain their independence longer.

Having someone who will do your shopping for you is something that most people will need at some point in their lives. Relying on family or friends may not be an option for some and many feel like asking for help puts a burden on their children that they may resent. If there are services available that allow people remain in their homes as they age it may be something that needs to continue.

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