Assisted Living Communities: Activities & Amenities

| Friday, April 11, 2014
By Rue Nichols

Deciding to live in an assisted living community can be a great option for a senior adult who needs some daily help, but still wishes to live fairly independently. While many people struggle with the idea of leaving their private home, assisted living facilities offer a wide range of amenities and activities that can make this option very attractive. Here are a few examples of what you might expect to see.

Residents in an assisted living facility in general will have the assistance in basic grooming and dressing needs as well as services in laundry and housekeeping at a given level. Keeping track of medicines which are prescribed is also possible along with the assurance that those are taken on time and as prescribed. Monthly fees come inclusive of three meals a day and snacks for residents with the facility's meal service. Still, apartments usually come with small kitchens or kitchenettes for residents.

Aside from such basic features, amenities come in more kinds which are especially provided in order to preserve the highest quality of living possible. As residents here are retirees it should be a place kept fun and with interesting activities for them to enjoy daily. An example at one Escondido assisted living community is the offering of several clubs and classes. Some San Diego assisted living facilities include options for residents such as joining in a book club, bridge club, enjoying outdoor treks as part of a walking club or perhaps take classes in art, history, creative writing or poetry.

These assisted living facilities such as a La Mesa assisted living facility also often offer residents with game nights, movie nights and at least one monthly event in the form of Hawaiian luau, a dance or perhaps a festive Cinco de Mayo party. There are also off-site excursions where residents can visit museums or nearby parks, be involved in community activities or maybe watch a concert by the local symphony.

Most assisted living facilities include swimming pools and exercise facilities as common amenities. Aside from one's option to swim and exercise by one's self, it is also possible to join in what communities offer like exercises classes including swim aerobics and yoga classes. One can even simultaneously enjoy times off-site and do daily exercises as some of these communities cater residents with transportation going to some local parks and trails.

If you are searching for an assisted living community, it is wise to visit several different facilities. Take a look at the different types of apartments, talk to staff members and residents and even eat a meal at the facility. Write down any questions you have prior to your visit and take notes throughout your tour so that you can make the best possible decision and choose a facility that provides an active and interesting lifestyle that complements you.

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