What Incontinence Products Are Obtainable ?

| Sunday, September 30, 2012
By Phedros Dusaledsh

If you are a caregiver of someone who has incontinence problems, it might be challenging to choose which incontinence product to use for certain situations.

Discover what incontinence products are readily available and exactly how they may be most efficiently used:

Adult Diapers

Grownup nappies are very common urinary incontinence items. They are normally less costly than all other person incontinence items available.

One of the most typical styles are the ones which are taped on the ends. This will allow you to adjust how the nappy fits the midriff and hips for greater comfort.

You or your patient may have both urinary and bowel incontinence, adult diapers will be ideal to use in both problems.

Pull Up Briefs

Incontinence products may also come in the form of fitted briefs.

Generally, these are adult absorbent pads. Nonetheless, they are nonadjustable and the elastic top will match a predefined range of waists and abdominal sizes.

Pull up briefs will only become effective if they fit you snugly. However, you should avoid those that are too tight as that can only worsen your problem with incontinence.

Pads and Shields

These may be made use of in the medical center setting or in the property setting.

They are generally made from a thin absorbent pad on one side and a water-resistant shield on the opposite side. Most pads are disposable but there are those which are washable.

The washable varieties may be more practical for those who have chronic incontinence issues. They may be used as urine or bowel incontinence products.

Urine Collection Devices

Inside health care facilities, condom catheters are used. These are made of silicon or latex condoms that are attached to draining tubes and urinary bags.

These are composed of silicon or latex condoms that are attached to draining tubes and urinary bags. There are also collection systems which are attached to briefs. They will be optimal for individuals that travel for prolonged time periods.

Nonetheless, these may be what you require if you have a persistent complication. A few parts of the urinary incontinence item may be reusable.

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