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| Saturday, September 8, 2012
By Chloe Gib

It is said that falls that happen among old people cost the national health care program a million dollars a day. People over sixty five years of age are prone to falling to the ground because of their frail general health. There are people who have sustained serious injuries that have resulted from this event and are likely to happen to anyone. Hence, manufacturers are now promoting fall prevention alarms as a safety net that detect whether the person is falling to the ground.

One of the things that contribute to older people falling to the ground are the interiors or structures in the building that are slippery or lack support for them to cling on. Tiles are widely used at home and in the office. The older people cannot support themselves the ways young adults do. Hence, some of them need things like canes or wheel chairs to provide the support they need.

A lot of falls are byproducts of a majority of factors that are found in men and women. The aging process is the biggest factor. Most of the other factors in that is the cause for people to fall stem from this condition. Aging is inevitable since all human beings undergo through this process.

There are a number of chronic conditions that affect the stability of the person. Among them are neurological conditions. This is a type of disease that usually happens to people sixty five and older. The neurons are the transmitters of signals in the brain which is responsible for the movement and thinking of the person. If these are affected, it will be seen in the reaction time of the individual.

Several medicines may also contribute to this condition. Medications like those things that are to be taken for depression and psychological drugs have strong side effects that may affect the movement among the elderly. This causes the person to have a weak grip on things and they become prone to slipping and falling.

Other causes of this condition are physical and functional impairments which are highly connected with the risk of falls. This is characterized by the weakening of the limb area, poor gripping and affects the balance as well. The person affected with this are the people who have difficulty to perform the activities that are normal for younger individuals.

Unlike younger people who are able to recover from surgeries in an instant, older people need more time to recover. Surgeries performed during the later years affects the physical aspect of the person since the cells in the body have reduced its ability to heal the older the person gets. Hence, the longer recovery period.

Fall prevention alarms have helped caregivers and people who are in the business of care giving protect their patients even from afar. A lot has changed since it was first introduced in the market. Most of these devices have alarms that are made for these people have been saved by this device.

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