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| Saturday, May 26, 2012
By Eunice Pugh

Not everyone who is too ill to live only with family is sick enough to need the hospital. These intermediate situations can be very trying for the person and their loved ones. One way to help cope with them is to hire a home care Columbia MD professional, who can help make the situation manageable by providing additional assistance.

Every person is an individual when it comes to what they need help with. A non-skilled caregiver can help out with people who need assistance cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry, and driving themselves. More professionally-trained personnel are useful for people who need hands-on assistance, with or without medical needs.

People who don't need medical help but do need help bathing, dressing, or eating can usually hire a Certified Nursing Aide, or CNA. These professionals are skilled caregivers who know how to assist people with their day to day lives, and can even administer uncomplicated medicines. A certificate and license is required to be a CNA.

Medical assistance is often provided by a nurse. Nurses range in level from LPN to advanced practice, and all of them at least occasionally work in peoples' homes. In most cases, the abilities of any level of nurse are sufficient for patients living at home, but occasionally more advanced training than an LPN would be needed.

Sometimes, professional aides are employed by people who live alone and need help with their day-to-day lives. Other times, they are employed to perform the medical care only, while a loved one provides the non-medical assistance needed. Because everyone's needs are different, a personalized plan is required to get the most out of the situation.

home care Columbia MD is sometimes billable to your insurance. However, only medical care qualifies unless you have a specialized plan for at-home assistance. Free or cheap programs for non-medical aid can sometimes be found through non-profits, however.

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