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| Friday, October 28, 2011
By Bella Angelina Tinto

A thoughtful old king summoned three of his wisest men for an important task. He asked them to go forth into the world as far as they needed to travel and assemble the truth of life--something that would be considered to be the wisdom of the ages. The men took to the task with all seriousness and traveled far from the kingdom.

We as humans are the only species on the planet whose thinking is so powerful that we can change a situation by our thinking about it. How we perceive the situation, and what meaning we draw from it is more important than the event itself and will effectively create an outcome that matches our expectations. By continuously thinking positive thoughts and focusing on the life you want, it will eventually come to pass. Results aren't always immediately forthcoming or in the order we might like. The universe has no concept of time, and sometimes certain events need to transpire before the point we want to reach can be realized.

As we think we become, these words couldn't be truer. Many people don't realize it but, words and thoughts have meaning and consequences, it really does matter what we think and say. The older I become, the more obvious it is to me that we do create our own reality. Every event we encounter in our life we choose to experience, whether it be consciously or unconsciously. On some level of consciousness, we volunteer for every life situation we encounter. Once this is realized, you can effectively change your reality, this is not to say that a so called negative experience will never be encountered, instead we learn to take the challenges in stride and work to make lemonade out of lemons. Every so called negative experience can have a happy ending.

To be on the safe side when meditating, always insert the phrase, for the highest good for all concerned", at the end of your prayers or meditations. Although we can't control every event that happens in our life, we can control our thinking of the event and thus begin to control our life. A person's attitude and way of thinking contribute greatly to their personality. People who think positively have a better outlook on life and an ambitious attitude. These are factors that directly affect your perception when it comes to creating the kind of life you want. Studies show that you perception of life also affects your health and well-being.

Most of our negative thoughts come from assumptions we make. We concoct these misconceptions in an attempt to prepare ourselves for the worse but end up dwelling so much on them that they consume our way of life. This does not mean that a positive person is ill-prepared; in fact they are better equipped to handle challenges then a Negative Nelly. Positive thinking is not about ignoring the negative and not preparing for the worst, but instead approaching a problem positive and productive manner. For instance, focusing on finding a solution to a problem as oppose to focusing on the negative like how the problem occurred. So don't think altering your attitude will turn you into a nave person and result in more issues.

The king studied the paper for several minutes, stood and proclaimed that this was indeed the wisdom of the ages--the truth of life. The sentence on the paper simply said, "There isnt any free lunch." Wisdom of the ages is nothing more than a series of lifetimes where the collective soul amasses information. While many times history does repeat itself, it is the lessons of the personal soul and experiences that need to be listened to. Even though most human beings do not remember one incarnated life to another, the soul does carry an imprint of its past lives. This will create soul remembrances that may make little sense to you on a conscious level. Often, these memories are intended to speak to you so that you continue to push your life onto the most efficient, intelligent path that you can follow. They help to design your future.

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