Assisted Living Care or Home Hospice Care - What are your needs?

| Friday, October 14, 2011
By Michelle Black

Whenever I am conversing with families about in home caregivers, most people ask "What's the difference between hospice care and in-home caregivers?" It is quite simple to get the two programs confused, nevertheless the variances are generally considerable.

Hospice care involves a team-oriented approach to expert health care, pain management, and psychological and spiritual assistance for affected individuals and their households afflicted with a life-limiting sickness. Home hospice attention is normally delivered in a patient's residence or any place someone calls "home", perhaps a skilled nursing facility or assisted living center. Care is furnished by a group of health-related experts all functioning together with the affected individual, the patient's physician, and the patient's close relatives. The team makes intermittent visits to a patient's house, according to the requirements of the individual and family. And home hospice care is extremely reasonably priced, since it is taken care of under Medicare health insurance, Medi-Cal (State medicaid programs) and most personal insurance policies along with HMOs. The purpose of hospice care is to help the patient live the best quality of everyday living attainable, as long as life lasts - no matter whether that's weeks, months, or years.

In-home treatment services in Rancho Palos Verdes are readily available for those in need of help and support with everyday living, or for members of the family which might want a rest, or perhaps additional help, in caring for their loved one. Non-medical home care companies deliver assistance with everyday living needs, which require no medical intervention in-home care agencies provide assistance with everyday living needs, which require no medical intervention. These types of functions include things like supervision and assistance with private care, such as bathing and getting dressed, eating, friendship and light household tasks. It's crucial to realize that non-medical home care (often called Companion Care) is not protected by Medicare insurance or other commercial health insurance policies (i.e. PacifiCare, Secure Horizons, etc).

Usually, services in the Rancho Palos Verdes region can range from $13 to $20 an hour. If your loved one must have help 24 hours a day, also known as a "live-in" home care, rates may well range from $150 to $250 per 24-hour interval. Some options may very well be covered by long term care insurance coverage, research your coverage for features. Medicare, Medi-Cal and individual insurance generally take care of the price of visits coming from a Medical doctor, RN or maybe psychologist (if ordered by a Doctor). Services have to be given by a Medicare insurance certified Home Health agency.

The real difference is that hospice care team members visit individuals on an spotty schedule - they cannot "live-in" with the patient or even stay with the sufferer all day (except in cases where the level of attention is identified to be continuous care, based on the medical necessities of a affected individual). Also assistance offered by the hospice crew are usually insured by insurance coverage. In-home care staff give non-medical care and attention, can stay as long as necessary (depending on the assistance agreement between the in-home staff member and the affected person), and services are often not included in insurance.

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