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| Wednesday, August 15, 2018
By Catherine Schmidt

More people today are becoming primary caretakers for elderly, sick, or disabled loved ones. They do not want to send these people in their families to live at places like assisted living centers or hospices. They prefer to let them move in and live in settings that are familiar and comfortable to them. Still, it can be financially, physically, and emotionally overwhelming to take on the responsibility of another person in addition to your children and spouse. With in home nursing care Pearland TX clients like you may receive a much needed respite.

When you count yourself among those who now are responsible for the upkeep of an aging relative, you might want to make use of all of the services available to you. After all, you might still have to work a full-time job and handle the day-to-day needs of your children and spouse. You might find yourself strapped for time and money if you were to attempt handling all of these tasks by yourself.

Working full-time and continuing to earn an income could become more of a challenge because the relative cannot be left in the house safely alone. He or she may not have the facilities to take a shower or take his or her own medication. This person may rely on someone else to assist in these tasks.

At this point, you can bring in a professional nurse or nurse's assistant who can stay there with the loved one until you return for the evening. This nurse professional can make sure the person gets his or her medications, eats, takes a shower, and otherwise stays safe and entertained. The nurse acts as a supervisor of sorts for the safety and well-being of the family member.

The nurse also has the medical training to take on more delicate tasks like changing out feeding tubes or changing bandages. This professional can likewise give medications like insulin, pain relievers, steroids, and others that might be necessary to keep the family member alive and healthy. You do not have to take time off from work to take this relative to the doctor's office or to the hospital for these services.

Locating a service to come into your house each day begins with you verifying what type of insurance your family member has. Private insurance companies may be more flexible with which to work. They also may be willing to pay for more services than insurance that is subsidized by the state or federal government.

You also may need to partner with a company that is in network with the insurer. In network providers will receive more compensation from the insurer, sparing you the bulk of the cost. Your insurer can tell you what ones are in network and which ones are not.

Taking care of a relative that is aging, frail, and sick might strain your emotions, mental and physical capacity, and finances. You might welcome services designed to give you a break while providing much needed assistance to the family member. You can start the search for the ideal professional nursing service by asking the insurance company for a referral.

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