How To Make The Most Of The Referral Service For Assisted Living South Carolina Seniors Need

| Tuesday, June 19, 2018
By Rebecca White

As seniors age, it is not unusual for the homes they have lived in, and cared for, for decades to become too much to handle. In addition to having trouble managing house and yard work, they may be experiencing physical difficulties. When this happens, decisions and alternative arrangements must be made. If you do not know where to turn, a referral service for assisted living South Carolina elder care experts recommend can be helpful.

Referral services help seniors and their families decide what the next step should be. These decisions are often much more difficult than people anticipate. If you aren't familiar with assisted living facilities, how you pay for them, and which ones best suits the needs of your family member, you will have to consult someone who can assist you in finding the right fit for your loved one.

When you are looking at different facilities you have to factor in the location, amenities, cost, and current and future medical care requirements. You could handle this yourself, but you would spend many hours researching online and contacting the places that seem like the best possibilities. With professional services, all of this has already been done.

You might not think to ask a facility a lot of the questions you really need answers to, like resident to staff ratio, the location of the nearest hospital, the occupancy rate, and reviews by residents and families. Before you make a final choice, you will want to take a tour of several facilities. Using professional services allows you to pare the visits you make down to the best one or two choices. Best of all the service is free.

There are many benefits to using these kinds of services, and not many drawbacks. The fact that the services are free is certainly a benefit. These companies compile lists of facilities and have the kind of information about them you would probably not be able to get on your own. The drawbacks include the fact that representatives will not know much about adult foster care or all the financial options available.

These companies are in the business of making money. If you aren't paying them, and they expect you to give them personal information, you will want to know how they operate. When you contact these services, they take your information and pass it along to the appropriate facilities who then turn around and contact you. If you choose one of the facilities the service recommends, that facility pays the service a fee, usually equal to one month's rent.

You need to have some information on hand before you call a service. You should have already decided on the approximate location the senior wants to be in. You need to know the level of care necessary. You also need to be able to tell the representative of the services what price range you can afford.

Most old people want to stay in the homes they know. If that is no longer an option, you have to help them find the best accommodations possible. There are professional services that specialize in doing just that.

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