Understanding Behaviors Will Maximize The Alzheimers Care Boynton Beach Seniors Require

| Thursday, February 1, 2018
By Lisa Jones

Often times it is loved ones who become responsible for the day to day care of individuals with dementia. They usually don't feel qualified to handle the situation. Luckily there are support groups, doctors, and others who have had similar experiences and can give suggestions and guidance. They tell these caregivers that recognizing behaviors is an important factor in determining the Alzheimers care Boynton Beach seniors need.

Aggression is a behavior that takes some inexperienced caregivers by surprise. People who were previously mild mannered and polite may become verbally and physically abusive or aggressive. When you see this, you need to try and find the source. It may be caused by multiple medications, discomfort, or fear of something unfamiliar. You might have inadvertently confused the individual by talking too fast.

The first thing you need to remember is not to take it personally. You may be the target, because you are right there, but the real problem is something totally unrelated to you. If you can pinpoint the cause, you need to change or remove it. You have to make sure there is no discomfort involved. A relaxing activity or playing soothing music can help diffuse the situation.

Dementia patients often become suspicious of others, even those closest to them. They may accuse someone of stealing for no reason. At the time, the delusions are reality for them. It will not be productive for you to try to reason or argue them out of their belief. You will have a better chance of defusing the situation by acknowledging their concerns and changing the subject.

Repetition is a common occurrence with Alzheimer's patients. They may repeat a word, phrase, or activity. Scientists believe the deterioration of brain cells is the main cause. According to the experts, the best way to handle this situation is to look for the cause, provide an answer or memory aids, or distract the individual by introducing a new activity.

Hallucinations are another disturbing symptom of dementia for many sufferers. They could be caused by medications or mental or physical issues. Affected individuals sometimes become fearful when they are seeing or hearing non-existent people or objects. Making the person as comfortable and secure as possible may be the most you can do.

Over half of Alzheimer's patients wander off at some point. Sometimes they think they still have a job to go to. Other times they are trying to get home, even when that's where they already are. Patients can lose their way trying to find a bathroom or bedroom. There may be certain times when this type of behavior is more likely to occur. If so, make sure the individual is not left alone. Installing alarms on doors and windows may be necessary.

It is very difficult to see someone you love struggle with simple tasks and begin to forget their lives and loved ones. There is help available for the caregivers in these situations. Asking for that help and taking care of yourself is critical.

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