Discover Some Amazing Assistive Products For The Elderly

| Sunday, December 31, 2017
By Laura Miller

Due to the normal aging process, many people find it hard to do a range of essential things by and for themselves. They might have a hard time with sore, inflamed or stiff joints, decreases in general mobility, or other problems that make it nearly impossible for them to comfortably and safely live by themselves. With the right assistive products for the elderly, however, seniors who are motivated are often able to maintain their independence a lot longer. These innovative additions are allowing a number of seniors to age in place.

Some of the best products for supporting people at this stage of life are designed to make it easier and safer to get things done in the bathroom. As balance, flexibility and mobility change, simple acts such as stepping into and getting back out of the bathtub can be a tremendous challenge. There is a heightened risk for slip and fall accidents and problems with broken bones.

You may be happy to discover that it isn't always necessary to make significant alterations in the actual structure of your home in order to take advantage of products like these. Grab bars that can be installed with mere suction are available. These units have powerful suction cups at both end that allow them to adhere to bathroom tiles and other wall surfaces without special adhesives or drilling.

Seniors can also use slip-proof shower and bath mats. These are applied to various bathroom surfaces that get wet so that aging adults do not have worry about staying upright when moving about. There are even simple shower chairs that older people can use when balance becomes a real problem.

In the kitchen, finding ways to prevent fires, slip and fall injuries, burns and other accidents can be a challenge. Luckily, there are a number of needs-specific products that can be purchased to address personal health and mobility issues. For instance, you may have an aging loved one who struggles with Parkinson's or another ailment that compromises his or her fine motor control.

Different cooking tools can help those with fine motor control issues cut produce, open jars of food and handle pans, pots and other kitchen items safely. Specialized gripping tools can compensate for reduced control of the wrists or hands. Thus, people can still open their own pickle or jelly jars and can safely transport hot food and engaging in other meal preparation activities.

There may be seniors with much more advanced needs in this area. There are some aging adults who can no longer travel the stairs safely. In these cases, entire areas of the home are no longer accessible until the right assistive appliances are installed. Stair lift equipment will allow these individuals to get to various floors in the building with ease.

No matter what your aging loved one's needs may be, there are a number of helpful tools that can make it easier for this person to maintain a high-quality life despite changes in mobility and other functions. Finding the right resources can help your family member maintain his or her independence a lot longer. For many people, this is also a very practical way to avoid the often high costs of home care or assisted living facilities.

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